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Shahid’s wife Mira proud of the housewife label, Twitter explodes

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 11 Mar 2017, 19:01:40
Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput - India TV

Actor Shahid’s Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput Kapoor was all over the news recently when she spoke about arranged marriage and, said that he was proud being a housewife.

Mira attended an event on International Women’s Day (8th March) where she spoke like never before and, left everyone surprised with her bold and upbeat opinions.

When the lovely 22-year-old mother of Misha spoke her heart out, members of the social media couldn’t keep calm at all. 

Several people targeted Mira and said her to stop judging other women who work and, also handle their babies and families well.

On the other hand, some of them stood firmly by Mira’s side and said that the lady has every right to speak on whatever she wants and, applauded her for her unapologetic attitude.

This is how Twitteratis reacted to Mira’s recent candid interview.


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