When Akshay Kumar talked about Film Awards and 16 back-to-back Flops

Akshay Kumar
Tripti Karki New Delhi April 08, 2017 14:17 IST

Akshay Kumar just won his first National Film Award for Best actor for the film Rustom, and his fans couldn’t help celebrate the big victory.

The 64th National Film Awards for the films released in 2016 were declared on Friday, and it was a really a jolly good day for the actor.

The Jolly LLB 2 star has always been outspoken and when he graced the sets of India TV show Aap Ki Adalat this January, he won people’s hearts with his charm and superb sense of humour. 

Akshay Kumar faced tough and controversial questions from India TV Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma with utmost ease and charm.

Here are the 5 golden moments from Aap Ki Adalat where Akshay stole the show completely:

Award...oh sorry reward

The Khiladi said that he isn’t worried about awards and critical acclaim. He is happy that his films get good recognition from the public. 

“I get good rewards.  Besides ‘Airlift’ and ‘Rustam’, even ‘Housefull’ got awards oh sorry rewards from people,” he said. 

Akshay also revealed that his wife taunts him sometimes by saying, “Look at my dad, look at my mom. They have got national awards and you have not received any”. And this is the only time that Akshay feels a bit bad otherwise all is good and jolly and “he is just not bothered about anyone.”

16 back-to-back flops 

When Rajat Sharma questioned the 49-year-old actor as to how he felt after giving 11 back-to-back flop movies in the past, Mr Funny Bones said, “Not 11, I had 16 back-to-back flops.” However, he survived in Bollywood because of his professionalism.

“You have to be a producer’s actor and keep good terms with them. The industry people are Dilwale but you must never ever forget professionalism,” said Akshay.

I make a film in 40-45 days 

When being questioned on doing four films a year and finishing movies quickly as compared to other Bollywood stars, he said, “I follow my director. I face problems on the first day as I need to step into the shoes of a new character but then from second day onwards, I become more and more comfortable and start playing the characters much faster.”

Further the Khiladi added, “When Tom Cruise takes 42 days to shoot a film like “Mission Impossible” then why should I take 90 to 150 days to complete a movie.”

Making people laugh is tough

Akshay said that he has done all kinds of roles in his Bollywood career but comedy is the toughest of them all. “Making people laugh is the most difficult thing but sadly, the industry doesn’t give priority to it,” said the 49 year-old actor.

He went on to give an amusing example and said, “A fan told me that his son eats only when he watches ‘Hera Pheri’. So if my film is helping people to digest their food, then where is the problem?”

Full hot blooded man

On being questioned about his link-ups with Raveena Tandon and Shilpa Shetty, he accepted all the allegations with ease and said, “I am a full hot blooded man. So, why not?”

He also revealed that ‘innocent love’ happened really soon for him as he fell for his school teacher when he was just 8-9 years old.

However, all things changed once he got married to Twinkle Khanna. “I am happily married with two kids now. Change is important in life and I am happy with the changes in me.”

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