'Yakeen hai': Tubelight makes Salman Khan fans cry with joy

In Tubelight, 'Salman Dabangg Khan' is not macho, he is not a stud and he does not fight.
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Tripti Narain New Delhi June 23, 2017 20:46 IST

My films are critic-proof, Salman Khan had once said in an interview. He wasn't wrong. In Tubelight, 'Salman Dabangg Khan' is not macho, he is not a stud and he does not fight. Most critics have not liked the film, but no one can stop the Tubelight from entering Rs 100-cr club and break many records during its Box Office run. Yes, the power and pull of Bhaijaan. It does not bother him if the film is not getting released in Pakistan, his fans will somehow watch him.

The film, riding on Salman's broad shoulders, persistently asks - "kya tumhe yakeen hai?" And yakeen it is for all the Bhaijaan fans, who have given a thumbs up to the film. The question is repeated throughout writer-director Kabir Khan’s Tubelight, in which Salman Khan plays a Kumaoni man waiting for his brother to return from the India-China war of 1962. Read Tubelight review

Salman is not playing just any man, he has some extraordinary power - the power to move mountains with his faith. And of course, we have the much-talked-about Salman-Shah Rukh camaraderie and all the stories of bro bonding from the sets. So, who cares about reviews, this Salman Khan film that has its origins in the 2015 Hollywood venture Little Boy, will be watched, no matter what. Director Kabir Khan has managed to pull a political narrative smartly in these troubled times. Plus, the film's message of peace and love is woven into an endearing story, not to mention the stunning Chinese actress Zhu Zhu and adorable Matin Rey Tangu. XX

We leave you with some adorable pictures of the little Matin. Have a look

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