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Vishal Bhardwaj says ‘Rangoon’ is his tribute to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 25 Feb 2017, 16:18:54
Rangoon - India TV

The much awaited film “Rangoon” which released yesterday, has been grabbing eye balls be it for Kangana Ranaut’s extraordinary performance or Vishal Bhardwaj’s great direction skills. Now, the filmmaker has opened up and said that “Rangoon” is his tribute to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 

"It is important to share this fact with the present generation. Netaji's sacrifice should come to the mainstream. The film is my humble tribute to the lesser known role played by the INA and Netaji in the form of a romance drama," Bhardwaj said. 

"But the historical reference comes as the backdrop ofa love story," he said, adding "my intention is not to create controversy and I had gone to the INA museum and did research on the details to impart authentic look to the product." 

He said "Rangoon", starring Saif Ali Khan, Kangana and Shahid Kapoor, is essentially a love story in the backdrop of 1944 Moirang war when the INA first unfurled the tricolour. 

"It is essentially a love story in the backdrop of war and the main crux of the film is patriotic. The three main parts are fictional. I have mixed facts with fiction," said the 51-year-old filmmaker, who was here for a special screening also attended by the family members of Netaji. 

"Moirang, situated 45 km south of Imphal in BishnupurIndian National Army hoisted its flag for the first time inits quest for freedom. Although, Manipur was not a part of 

India at that time," he added. 

Bhardwaj, who has helmed acclaimed films like "Haider" and "Maqbool", refuted reports that Kangana's character in the movie was inspired by 'Fearless Nadia'. 

When asked about the controversy over censor board's decision to decline certificate to Prakash Jha's production 

"Lipstick Under My Burkha", Bhardwaj said there could be some misunderstanding. 

"I don't know about the issue. But I don't think any government body can say it is a lady-oriented film. There could be some misunderstanding over this," Bhardwaj said

(With PTI Inputs)


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