Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Day 16: Dimpy-Sambhavana's dirtiest fight ever, all champions turn into challengers

New Delhi: The morning of Day 15 in the Bigg Boss house started on a very dramatic note. After Gautam's emotional breakdown a day before, we saw see him all by himself.Other housemates mingled with
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New Delhi: The morning of Day 15 in the Bigg Boss house started on a very dramatic note. After Gautam's emotional breakdown a day before, we saw see him all by himself.

Other housemates mingled with each other cherishing their memories on the show.  The effect of the torture cage still remained fresh in the minds but they found themselves in the middle of yet another chaos as Pritam and Gautam got in to a tiff.

Gautam said he is just proving his point but Pritam didn't like the way he dragged his wife's name in it. While they had a heated conversation, the atomsphere in the house got warmed up in morning itself.

As afternoon prevailed Bigg Boss announced the ‘Tabaadla' task for the day. Housemates prepared themselves once again to expect the unexpected.

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Challengers and Champions had to compete for the ultimate golden briefcase filled with twenty five lakh rupees yet again. Challengers (Karishma, Gautam, Rahul, Dimpy) got to choose one contender from each team to compete against each other. Pritam was not too pleased with Bigg Boss task and felt cheated. All champions mutually agreed to quit the task.

Then Bigg Boss called all three champions to confession room and told them that in past he has said very clearly that from now all task will be for luxury budget and that 25 lakh rupees. BB even showed them the video clip. Later Pritam accepted his mistake and agreed on doing the task.

Gautam and Sambhavna competed in the Tabaadla task called ‘The Electric Maze'. The two had to stand at the start point holding a rod with a hook. They had to take the rod from the start to the finish point without letting it touch the electric maze.

As soon as the rod connects with the maze, the task ends with a mud blast. As per the rules other housemates are required to distract the contender from the opposite team by provoking them with their words. The task result determined “Ghar Ka Sabse Bada Tabaadla”. The golden briefcase too belongs to the winning team. Tensed Champions geared up to save themselves from the major switch.

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The task set up was in the garden and Upen was declared as the Sanchaalak once again. Upen had to decide which contender would go first and he called out Gautam.

As the first buzzer rang, Gautam stood over the wooden plank, after the second buzzer went; he held the iron rod with a large hook and moved the same over maze kind of a setup. He did pretty well.

Then was the turn of Sambhavna, she started off well, but started getting affected when Dimpy from the opposite team started shouting and disturbing her in order to divert her focus. Sambhavna went furious and asked Dimpy to shut up right way.

The task ended but Sambhavna's anger on Dimpy's behavior didn't end there. Just after the task got over, Sambhavna fumed in anger as she shouted at Dimpy, in fact, using foul language too.

She was highly agitated by the comments she was passing while she was at the task, when at the same time while Gautam was performing it nobody from the Champions team disturbed him.

Sambhavna same way expected she wouldn't be disturbed too, especially Dimpy doing that wasn't expected at all.

Housemates tried their best to settle the ladies down after a dramatic show down. At last challengers were declared as winner. And from now all challengers becomes champion and all champions becomes challengers.

From now till another task all benefit of golden briefcase will belong to newly turned champions.


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