Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Day 21: Ali-Ajaz ends their fight, Pritam's shocking confession for Karishma!

New Delhi: The episode before finale was full of surprises and shocking elements. In the morning, the housemates sat down to bask in the sun while indulging in some normal conversation.However, an ugly spat ensued
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India TV Entertainment Desk January 31, 2015 11:36 IST

New Delhi: The episode before finale was full of surprises and shocking elements. In the morning, the housemates sat down to bask in the sun while indulging in some normal conversation.

However, an ugly spat ensued when Karishma picked on Dimpy once again for sealing the deal to exchange the ladders with Ali and Pritam, two days ago, during the golden briefcase task.

Karishma alleged Dimpy for taking the important decision without consulting her team.

Dimpy said that she has been apologetic about it but it is unfair to pull her up for the same mistake repeatedly.

In the afternoon, Ajaz Khan entered the house via the main gate and Ali got shell shocked to have over his arch nemesis once again.

As Ajaz stepped into the house, BB ordered all the contestants to Freeze and stand like a statue. One by one, Ajaz started taunting Pritam, Ali, Dimpy and KT. But to everyone's surprise, he gave a pat on Gautam's back and cheered for him.

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After some time, Ajaz took out Pritam for a private chat and told him how bad he felt when the latter passed an offensive comment soon after his disqualification.  Pritam explained to Ajaz the context in which he had passed the remark and tried solving the issue.

Throughout his stay in the house, which lasted for a few hours, Ajaz went about claiming how cunningly Ali plotted to get him kicked out of the game. Ali, however, for most of the time, remained a passive listener and refrained from being violent.

Soon, a call came from BB for Ajaz to make an exit from the house. The Ek Number actor bid adieu to all and offered his sage counsel to Ali to change his behaviour. As the sun went down, a chef and his help mate entered the house and surprised the housemates.

The new visitors revealed that they were there for cooking a sumptuous dinner for the contestants. As the chef took charge of the kitchen, the inmates rush towards the garden to look at the preparation made for their special meal.

They got delighted to see a well-decorated dinner table laid out all for them. They took their seats and waited for the 4 course meal to arrive on their plates.

As they began enjoying their meal, BB picked up a conversation with them to inform that they deserve the treat ‘coz it has been not just the longest season of Bigg Boss but also the most successful one.

In a happy tone, BB spoke in English and asked the contestants to raise a toast for their success. During the dinner, the elated housemates started sharing their feelings towards each other. Ali apologised to Karishma for saying offensive things about her and made it clear that he does not harbor ill will or any personal rivalry towards her.

Pritam too joined in and told Karishma, for the first time, that when he had entered the house, he fell for her beauty, the moment he saw her.

He also said that he had desired to flirt with her but did not cross the line by attempting any such action. He finished his speech by seeking apology from Karishma in case he has offended her by way of his deeds.

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