Bigg Boss 9 contract revealed: Check out 9 interesting clauses signed by contestants!

New Delhi: Colos TV's popular show Bigg Boss is one such show that enjoys a huge fan base. The show apart from raising the TRP has also raised many celebs to fame.And finally the show
bigg boss 9 contract revealed check out 9...
India TV News Desk October 21, 2015 16:33 IST

New Delhi: Colos TV's popular show Bigg Boss is one such show that enjoys a huge fan base. The show apart from raising the TRP has also raised many celebs to fame.

And finally the show has come with its ninth season which is being hosted by superstar Salman Khan.

While a lot of speculations were made about Bigg Boss 9, the show came up with a new theme this season – ‘double trouble'.

As much as 14 contestants participated in Bigg Boss 9 this season and while the contestants were quite excited about entering the controversial house of Bigg Boss, each one of them have their own respective reasons to enter the show.

One of the common reasons was the hefty winning prize. However, the contestants too have to take their share of risk as they have been asked to pay Rs. 5 crore to the company under certain condition.  

Yes! It's true. According the contract signed by the contestants before entering Bigg Boss house, if any of the contestants leaves the house mid-way, he/she will be liable to pay Rs 4 crore to Bigg Boss.

Infact, the contract also has several others clause which the contestants have to adhere to stringently.

Have a look at the clauses of Bigg Boss 9 contract:

1. As per the Bigg Boss contract, every contestant is paid a whopping amount to be a part of the reality show. The signing amount is paid within seven days of execution of the contract. Even if a particular contestant gets evicted in the first week of BB, the signing amount is the minimum guarantee that the contestant receives.

2. Every person who is a part of the show is supposed to be available to the production house – Viacom 18 for 117 days, of which approximately 100 days is for shooting inside the house and the rest 17 days for the preparation, promotion, marketing and promo shoots.

3. In addition to the signing fee, participants are also given a weekly consideration, if the contestant manages to survive in the house for more than two weeks. Weekly consideration is payable to a contestant only for the period of his/her stay inside the Bigg Boss house.

4. According to the Bigg Boss contract, contestants are not allowed to know the details of other participants before the show begins.

5. Blame it on the Bigg Boss contract, none of the Bigg Boss contestants are even allowed to take even any reading material inside the house. These include holy books as well. The producers provide holy books or scriptures to whoever needs them.

6. Celebs who are a part of Bigg Boss are not allowed to talk to the media about their selection. In case they do, producers have the right to exclude that particular contestant from the show.

7. As mentioned in the Bigg Boss contract, the winning amount is paid to the winner of the season in addition to his / her weekly consideration. The amount is payable to the winner within 75 days of the person being declared as the winner.

8. If a contestant leaves the show mid-way, he/she is liable to pay Rs 5 crore as per the Bigg Boss contract.

9. The Bigg Boss contract even clarifies that in case a particular contestant is eliminated mid way, he/she is supposed to stay in isolation without communication or access to the outside world, media, family or friends in any manner within the premises provided by the producers of Bigg Boss till the recording of his/her final eviction episode.


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