Bigg Boss 8: What twists will Halla Bol challengers bring in the house? (view pics)

New Delhi: Salman is all set to bid adieu to Bigg Boss season 8, passing the baton to Farah Khan. This is not the only surprise for this season.Now Bigg Boss has been extended and
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Ahamad Fuwad June 13, 2016 14:12 IST

New Delhi: Salman is all set to bid adieu to Bigg Boss season 8, passing the baton to Farah Khan. This is not the only surprise for this season.

Now Bigg Boss has been extended and the new twist inside the house is bound to attract audience. The extension of the reality show will be called Halla Bol in which former contestants will challenge the present house inmates. Officially it will begin on January 3.

The five Halla Bol Challengers are probably the most controversial and entertaining contestants in the history of Bigg Boss.

Here is what these challengers are going to offer in next four weeks:

Ajaz Khan
The entry of Ajaz Khan surprised the Bigg Boss 8 inmates. Not only because it was unexpected, but also because they knew he was going to steal the limelight from them, and that he did. Two of the most controversial contestants of this season Gautam Gulati and Ali Quli Mirza could not be a match for Ajaz Khan.

Sambhavna Seth
Sambhavna Seth did not last for that long in the second season of Bigg Boss but she definitely succeeded to stay in limelight. Her fights with Raja Choudhary inside the house were iconic and the item girl is surely looking to improve the performance this time.

Rahul Mahajan
How does anyone feel to stay with ex-wife in the same house? The case becomes more interesting if the ex-wife has filed a case of domestic violence against the husband. Now their activity will aired on national television. You will know the answers very soon when Rahul Mahajan will enter the Bigg Boss house. He might have a face-off with ex-wife Dimpy Mahajan who is already inside.

It will generate a lot of verbal fights and TRP for the show it is desperately looking for, the way it did when the two had an emotional reunion during one of visits that Rahul made recently. We all know how it worked for the show, when divorced couple Delnaz and Manish Paul stayed together in the house during Bigg Boss season 6.

Mahek Chahal
The runner up of Bigg Boss 5, Mahek Chahal competed with the likes of Shakti Kapoor, Pooja Misrra and Sunny Leone to win the Bigg Boss trophy. It was also rumoured that she dated Salman for a while, nonetheless she was quite close to him. She is one of the most genuine of Halla Bol contestants who can offer everything the show needs.

Dolly Bindra / Imam Siddiqui
It is not yet finalized who will be the fifth Halla Bol challenger. The names of Dolly Bindra and Imam Siddiqui are doing the rounds. Imam Siddiqui was the contestant in the season 6 and was quite liked by the viewers. Famous for breaking the rules, Imam even picked up a fight with show's host Salman Khan.

No introduction is needed for Dolly Bindra. She has set such a standard that no one can dream of achieving. If the channel succeeds in bringing her to the house the show's TRP is just going to skyrocket. She can draw a crowd to the show on her own.

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