Justin Bieber's home becomes photoshoot hotspot

Singer Justin Bieber's home here has been used for at least 18 TV and photoshoots since 2010.
Justin Bieber
Reported by: IANS New Delhi October 26, 2017 11:14 IST

Bieber splashes out $55,000 per month to live at the Beverly Hills house, and the plush pad has staged several events, including a "Call of Duty" advert in September, reports tmz.com.

The bachelor pad is popular with companies looking for a pictorial background as a number of film and photography permits have been filed for the address since 2010, leading to at least 18 shoots.

While Bieber is no stranger to seeing luxury cars, there have been several parked on his driveway for various campaigns, including Chryslers, Lincolns and Buicks.

But the 23-year-old singer had an unwelcome visitor at the property earlier this week.

A mystery woman was arrested after allegedly attempting to break into Bieber's home for the third time this week.

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