La Toya Says Husband Offered Her To Have Sex With Mike Tyson

Los Angeles, Jul 9 : La Toya Jackson claims her abusive ex-husband once offered her up to have sex with boxing champion Mike Tyson for $100,000, reports Daily Mail.Michael Jackson's sister made the bizarre revelation
la toya says husband offered her to have sex with...
PTI July 09, 2011 9:38 IST

Los Angeles, Jul 9 : La Toya Jackson claims her abusive ex-husband once offered her up to have sex with boxing champion Mike Tyson for $100,000, reports Daily Mail.

Michael Jackson's sister made the bizarre revelation during an appearance on CBS's The Talk where she was promoting her new autobiography ‘Starting Over'.

It tells of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband and manager Jack Gordon, who she says also ‘hated and despised' her legendary entertainer brother.

La Toya, 55, accused Gordon of beating and threatening to kill her during their tumultuous marriage.

Audiences on the daytime talk show gasped when the former model told how Gordon, who died in 2005, once attempted to charge Mike Tyson the hefty sum to sleep with her.

She also claimed he forced her to take part in group sex against her will and to pose for twice Playboy magazine.

‘Mike Tyson later told my mother and father and some other friends that he (Gordon) had told him that if he wanted to sleep with me he has to pay $100,000,' she told the show's panel.

‘I was in brothels and everything. He put me(it was) everything I was against. He made me do Playboy twice and had me sit on the stage and say ‘Oh no, it was all my idea'.

‘And I had to do that because I knew what he said he would do, he would do it.'

La Toya added: ‘I wrote this book for women. It was very difficult for me, because when he (Gordon) took me, at that time I was a strict Jehovah's Witness and I knew nothing about the world whatsoever.

‘I was 29 and one of those over the top religious people. I was mentally 16 because of not knowing the world and what people do, not everyone was honest and I believed everything they said.'

During the interview, La Toya also told of her shock at witnessing the scene of her brother Michael's death, at his Holmby Hills home in June 2009.

She said she was taken aback when she arrived because his bedroom appeared to have been ransacked as though someone was ‘looking for something.'

‘It was about 12 hours until we got there. Michael had passed away that morning.

‘When we got there, I had the people walk us through the room and it was a total wreck.

‘Everything was turned over, upside down, it was like ‘who has been looking for what?'

‘I know the cops and other people had been through there but there was no reason for that. It was just a complete mess.

'I have no clue (who it was). Whoever it was they were looking for something.

‘There were suitcases, everything was just dumped inside out. The drawers were all open.

'I don't know why but it hurts.'

LaToya told how her tragic brother - 50-years-old at the time of his death - had left notes around the house spelling out who he no longer wanted in his life.

She said: ‘Notes were posted everywhere of what he felt and mentioning the people that he had mentioned to me that he felt that was going to do this to him.

‘He had notes stuck everywhere about them, saying ‘I don't want this person around me' or ‘Keep them away from me'.

‘The kids were telling me their dad just kept saying ‘Call grandpa, call grandpa' because grandpa would do something, he could help him.

‘The book ‘Starting Over' is a book I wrote a long time before Michael passed and it's about trying to get out of an abusive relationship or a relationship that someone is controlling you and there are people that come into your life and surround themselves around you.

‘They control your finances, everything that you do you have absolutely no say so whatsoever.

‘In the last days, I found my brother being in that same situation as I was in. I was fortunate enough to get away and start over but unfortunately he was not. It was really heartbreaking.'

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