Bigg Boss: Celebrity couples who got intimate on the show (view pics)

New Delhi: If Bollywood films have intimate and sleazy acts to lure audience, then controversial show Bigg Boss is no way less on television to deliver some equally hot recipes to its viewers. The show,
bigg boss celebrity couples who got intimate on...
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New Delhi: If Bollywood films have intimate and sleazy acts to lure audience, then controversial show Bigg Boss is no way less on television to deliver some equally hot recipes to its viewers. The show, which every year garners the highest TRPs on television has always had the hot and intimate chemistry between its contestants playing a quintessential role in it.

From Aryan and Anupama in the very first season to Karishma-Upen in the ongoing season, Bigg Boss has been witnessing its contestants getting involved in intimate relationships, which besides extending their journey in the house has also helped sustaining the audience, which otherwise loses its interest in the show.

Here we look back at all those couples who have soared up the mercury in the house-

Karishma Upen

Karishma-Upen: It was late but finally the duo realized. Upen when returned on the show was a changed man something, which everyone was expecting from him in the beginning. Upen's proposal to Karishma Tanna and her equivalent positive reply to him with a kiss has just given the show an essential momentum, which was missing for long. Well, it's just the beginning and lot more from them is expected to come in the coming episodes.

Diandra Soares GautamGulati Romance

Diandra-Gautam: The only couple that kept the romantic tradition intact on Bigg Boss 8 was none other than Diandra Soares-Gautam Gulati. Few days back Diandra re-entered the house and confessed feelings for Gautam. Now if we look back at the reports, Diandra reportedly got pregnant on the show and requested Bigg Boss to eliminate her.

It is said that apart from date issues, this was the biggest reason for Salman Khan to leave the show. Salman was very displeased when he came to know about the issue and decided to quit the show.

Armaan Tanisha

Armaan-Tanisha: The last season saw Kajol's sister Tanisha Mukerji and much elderly to her Armaan Kohli getting involved in a love affair. Such was the intensity on both the sides that when Armaan returned on the show he picked Tanisha up and kissed her on National television. However, this also invited much furor back in Tanisha's family who couldn't accept their ‘khandani ladki's relationship with Armaan. But later when the show was wrapped, things were quite neutral on both the sides.

Kushal Gauhar

Gauhar-Kushal: Season 7 not only had one but two couples' love story being written. Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon too expressed their love for each other quite blatantly and even fought for each other at times. Alike Armaan-Tanisha, this duo too carried on their relationship post the show but was soon over.

Veena Ashmit

Veena-Ashmit: The Pakistani beauty Veena Malik and Bollywood hunk Ashmit Patel displayed a great intimate chemistry on Bigg Boss 4. They also fought at times but as they say, where there is love, such things are bound to happen. The open display of their physical feelings towards each other never allowed the audience to move an inch from their seats.

Rahul Payal

Rahul-Payal: Rahul Mahajan, son of a politician Pramod Mahajan, who was a total surprise package in the season 2 with his flirtatious attitude eyed on the hot model-cum-actress Payal Rohatgi. Who could forget their swimming pool scene, which had Rahul getting mischievous with Rohatgi donning a two-piece dress during a task?

Anupama Aryan

Aryan Vaid-Anupama: The first hot couple of the series Aryan and Anupama kick started the tradition of sharing intimate chemistry on the show. The duo never shied away from sharing what they felt for each other infront of the camera and also got intimate in the glass-walled house.

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