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Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan playing a beautician for Benafsha, Jyoti and Sapna in BB11 house

Hina Khan insists Sapna Choudhary on wearing some makeup and also shares some beauty tips.
bigg boss 11 hina khan
Written by: Reshu Manglik New Delhi October 11, 2017 15:20 IST

Everybody’s talking about how Hina Khan quickly patched a hole with Arshi Khan in the last ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, but here’s an unseen side of the television queen. Khan who’s fashion statement in the house is widely discussed is seen sharing some valuable beauty tips with Benafsha Soonawalla, Jyoti Kumar and Sapna Choudhary. Not only this, in the beginning of the ‘Unseen Undekha’ video uploaded by Voot, she can be seen straightening Ben’s hair. 

Right from the start of the season, it was clear that Hina Khan had some knack for fashion. Going by her Instagram pics, the actress has some awesome taste for fashion. In the video, Hina Khan is educating Sapna about nail paints while the latter seems to be disinterested in the beauty manoeuvres. Sapna also reveals that she doesn’t wear makeup even while doing her shows. 

In last night’s episode, Hina Khan was seen having a brawl with Vikas Gupta over his sexual orientation. It was the first time that Khan and Gupta are seen fighting on the show. The groups in Bigg Boss house has shown a realignment, where Vikas Gupta stands alone while the rest of the housemates are united against him. 

Gorgeous @realhinakhan in a custom made metallic gown for the launch episode of #BiggBoss11 ~ #TeamHinaKhan @colorstv #HinaKhan

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