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Importance of Oral Hygiene: This man didn’t brush his teeth for 21-years and the results can give you chills!

What could have happened if you didn’t follow your mother’s advice of brushing your teeth? This man is a perfect example.
man who didn't brush his teeth for 21 years
Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi July 14, 2017 15:02 IST

Do you know a friend who likes to remain filthy throughout the year? Well, your friend wouldn’t be as filthier as this 21-year-old man from the U.K. We all have been forced to brush our teeth twice a day, but this guy has been a rebel when it came to oral hygiene.  Brushing our teeth is for our own good, it prevents cavities and all those unwanted high dentist bills. After all, it only takes five minutes of your total routine to scrub your twinkly-white teeth. Have you ever imagined what could have happened if you didn’t follow your mother’s advice of brushing your teeth? This man is a perfect example. 

Jay, a 21-year-old man from the U.K was a guest in a recent episode of Embarrassing Bodies for his killing not-so-white smile. He has abstained from brushing his teeth for the majority of his life. He ate everything wrong, from fizzy drinks to chocolates. And the daring fellow didn’t bother to floss or brush his teeth. Neglecting his oral hygiene was probably not the best decision he took in his life. His teeth became covered in tartar and hardened food remains. Bacteria that have built from 20 years of not brushing his teeth are beyond your wildest nightmares. 

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Jay is not happy about his deteriorating dental health. He’s ashamed of it, that’s why he signed up for Embarrassing Bodies where he met James Russell, a dentist, who changed the way he smiled. Russell pulled out 11 of Jay’s rotting teeth and replaced them with implants. After five months of hard work, Jay was gifted with a new sparkling smile. 

Jay’s experience is an example to many who don’t pay much heed to the oral hygiene. It is important to brush your teeth regularly, and there’s no denial to it. Poor diet, poor hygiene can end you up in a dentist’s chair getting your teeth pulled out. But the good news is, you can keep your smile dazzling white forever, just by following proper dental hygiene. 

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With that, let’s remind ourselves how important it is to brush your teeth twice daily. Don’t let things get out of control just like Jay did. Don’t be a Jay, brush your teeth! 


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