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5 shocking reasons why mosquitoes bite you more than others

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 15 Mar 2017, 17:22:04
5 shocking reasons why mosquitoes bite you more...

Are you the Mosquito Magnet of your family or friend circle? We often shrug this in ignorance, believing that mosquitoes are as biased as we are. But science begs to differ. Even the mosquitoes have their reasons to choose one human over others. If you’re getting bitten by these pesky creatures more often, then you are the ‘Chosen’ one. Here are the reasons why mosquitoes bite you more than others. 

What is your blood type? 
If you have the blood group of O type than the mosquitoes are more in love with your blood. You will be surprised to know that people with blood group O+ or O- attract twice as more mosquitoes than the people with A blood group type. You have your blood group to be blamed! 

India TV - What is your blood type?

Are you pregnant? 
If you’re pregnant, then you need to carry your own pest repellent with you. Mosquitoes feast more on the pregnant women more than the other people. This can be attributed to the fact that the pregnant women emit some volatile odors that draw mosquitoes and other insects. 

India TV - Are you pregnant?

You’re sweaty 
If you’re dripping with sweat, then rush to take a shower first. Mosquitoes are insanely attracted to the Lactic Acids in your sweat. Your high body temperature also plays a role here. More sweat equals more mosquito bites! 

India TV - You’re sweaty

Blame your genes!  
Did you know that the bodies of some people can produce their own natural mosquito repellents? This factor is absolutely genetically controlled. So, your genes are another culprit that can be blamed for mosquitoes’ undying love for you. 

India TV - Blame your genes!

Colour of your clothes 
Mosquitoes are pretty watchful. They find their victims using visuals. Wearing dark colours and red can make you the living feast for the pests. Wear light colours during summers. 

India TV - Colour of your clothes



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