Apart from momos, these are the 5 other unhealthiest foods not to eat

These food items can lead to various health problems like depression, premature ageing, obesity etc.
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Most of us love experimenting with new foods, especially when we are travel. But sometimes these delicacies may cause harm and can make us violently ill or even worse can be fatal. These food items can lead to various health problems like depression, premature ageing, obesity etc. Americans consume only fast food. You can find fast food everywhere, from drive-throughs to supermarkets. Here is list of five deadliest food items that harm your body without letting you know.
Tofu: tofutofu

Hardly people know that tofu is a risky food item which contains magnesium sulphate which is harmful for our body. According the study, it has found that it can cause cancer in laboratory animals.
Dyed Orange
: orangeorange

We tend to buy oranges more quickly if we find it to be more orange than the usual one. That is why we can find oranges way more coloured than their original one. This is because of the spray paint used to make them look riper. These dyes contain Citrus Red #1 and #2 which are capable of damaging chromosomes and lead to cancer.
McDonald’s Mayonnaise: Mcdonald'sMcdonald's

McDonald’s Mayonnaise contains potassium sorbate as a carcinogen which was found out by the food and chemical toxicology reports. It was demonstrated that it tended to cause the cells of mammals to mutate.
Chicken nuggets: nuggetsnuggets

Chicken contain several synthetic ingredients from diglycerides to Red #40 to carrageenan. These chemicals help make overly-processed foods like chicken nuggets possible because that's what keeps the organic materials in the nuggets from going bad after days spent traveling on the road or months in the freezer. But even if you buy them at the grocery store, you might not be safe.
Diet sodas: diet sodasdiet sodas

The frizzy drinks contain cancer causing artificial colours, flame retardants and waist-widening fake sugars. Nearly all popular diet sodas contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener that raises glucose levels, overloading the liver and causing the excess to convert into fat or obesity.

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