5 reasons sleeping naked is good for you

Did you know that sleeping naked can improve circulation and prevent you from suffering from infections? Read on for more health benefits
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India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 06 Apr 2017, 01:51 PM IST

Sleeping is something every other person on the planet loves doing. Isn’t it? We’ve been told about the importance of sound sleep for a good health. But do you know that sleeping completely ‘naked’ can be super beneficial for your health? 

Scientists from the American Cancer Society have found out that sleeping for less than five hours a night makes men twice as likely to develop prostate cancer.

Here are some benefits of sleeping in your birthday suit that you should know. 

Better sleep 

Sleeping without clothes allows you to slumber without annoying drawstrings or buttons or other things to interfere. Plus, our body needs a lower temperature in order to fall asleep. Sleeping sans clothes can lower your body temperature by almost half a degree leading to a new, refreshed you the next day. 

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Lower blood pressure 

If you’re living with your partner, then lying in bed sans clothes boosts a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone has positive impact primarily on your heart. It lowers your blood pressure. 

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It’s better for your private parts 

Tight, body-fitting lingerie can be a breeding ground for bacteria. It can lead to infections. So sleeping without these pesky undergarments can be a lot more beneficial and comfortable. 

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It’s good for your skin 

High temperature of the body at night can suppress the release of melatonin and growth hormone. These hormones are the natural anti-ageing agents of our body. So, when you sleep without clothes, your body temperature drops down and thus boosts the release of these ‘beauty’ hormones. 

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Better sex life 

A sweet skin to skin contact with your partner helps release good chemicals in your body. A hike in these hormones means better sex drive which leads to an awesome sex life altogether. 

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