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DIY: Enjoy pimple-free summer with this green tea toner

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 02 Mar 2017, 16:42:32
DIY green tea toner - India TV
Summer is hated by many for the acne and pimple problems, especially among the girls. But the pimples will no longer bother you if you follow the DIY remedy given here. Today we’re going to tell you a tried and tested DIY method to prepare a green tea anti-acne toner.
How does green tea prevent acne?
Green tea reduce inflammation in the skin. It gets rid of the bacteria that are responsible for causing acne. Green tea’s antioxidants are 25 to 100 times more powerful than Vitamin C. It also reduces the amount of sebum produced in the skin, which means pimple-free skin!
India TV - green tea has antioxidants which prevent acne
How to make green tea toner?
You will be needing the following things to prepare your DIY green tea toner.
2 teaspoons of green tea
1 bowl water
Heat some water in a pan. When the water comes to boil, add the green tea leaves. Allow the green tea to brew for 5-10 minutes. Wait till the water turns dark yellow in colour. Let the water cool down. You can store it in a sterilized plastic spray bottle.
India TV - apply green tea toner twice a day for pimple-free skin
How to use?
Spray some green tea toner on a clean cotton pad. Clean your face using it. Do it twice a day to keep the pimples at bay. Green tea will shrink your skin pores and control the oil production in your skin.

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