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How to pick the best foundation for your skin

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 23 Jan 2017, 10:48:07
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Choosing the correct shade of foundation is an utmost necessity because it can either make or damage your look entirely. The right foundation doesn’t just help you camouflaging all imperfections on the face but also gives you an inner confidence to get you going all the way.

But often people don't know their right shade. Start by trying shades in full daylight, says an expert.

Bharti Taneja, Cosmetologist-Aesthetician and Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Group, has listed tips to figure out a perfect foundation shade for your skin type so that you never go wrong again:

* According to skin-tone: It's preferable to try your shade in full day light, while not solely depending upon the lighting of the cosmetic store you're buying the product from.

You may try and test the foundation shade by applying it on the skin between your thumb and index finger. To be double sure, try applying it on your cheeks and see if it's matching with your skin-tone.

You can also click pictures after applying the foundation and see how your makeup will look in pictures too. 

* According to skin-type:

Normal Skin: Your foundation choice may range variously from tinted moisturiser to mineralised bases. Just choose the one for you depending upon the coverage desired and the occasion.

Oily Skin: As oily skin already secretes enough oil, try avoiding oil-based foundations to avoid bleeding of makeup and keep patchiness at bay. Instead, you can go for oil-free or matte formulations for a flawless finish of make-up. Also, you should remember to set the base with a matching or transparent compact powder to look gorgeous all day long.

Dry Skin: Dry skin needs extra moisture; therefore it is always advisable to go for rich moisturizing bases or foundations that cover all the flaws of the face while adding the much-needed moisture too. 

A tinted moisturizer is best if you want light coverage or if you require heavy or full coverage, you can go for oil-based or creamy foundations.

* According to weather: A tinted moisturiser is a good option for winters while mousses or soufflé are considered best for summer season. So be weather-wise and be beautifu

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