These make up tips for small eyes will give them a dramatic and youthful look

Keep your eyebrows up and groom it beautifully to make sure that your eyes stand out and look larger.
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If you are gifted with small eyes then applying eye make up must not be an easy task for you. We all love to make our eyes pop and highlighted. Being one of the most noticeable features on our face, we want them to be well defined. Here are some tips by experts to redefine small eyes:

* Well, first and foremost, put eyeliner on the top lid. Make sure the eyeliner is thin and crisp and use a well defined eye liner brush to ensure it. 

* It is all about groomed eyebrows. Keep your eyebrows up and groom it beautifully to make sure that your eyes stand out and look larger.

* Pale eye shadow can actually enhance the size and shape of your eyes. This tip for small eyes is all about putting pale eye shadow along your lid. It can really be any colour that you want, but make sure that it is pale.

* Use light colours to brighten the eyes. This makeup tip makes your eyes appear super awake and alert without you having to try too hard.

* If you are looking for a way to make your eyes really stand out, just swipe a bit of a dark coloured eye shadow along the outer corners of your eyes. That will really make them pop and you can even draw out the colour of your eyes.

* Another great tip for small eyes is to smudge your liner a little bit. This can be done on the upper and lower lids. Now, don't make it look too smudgy, but just enough.

* Use a highlighter in pearl white (soft sheen) on the arch of your eye brows and on the inner corner of the eyes (tear drop area) using a small brush. This brightens up the eyes and make them appear stronger and bigger.

* Curl your lashes using an eye lash curler, this will open up the eyes even more making them look bigger. Add lots of mascara, a thin top coat for volume and several coats from the bottom to add length which in return create the illusion of big eyes. Do not forget to mascara the lower lashline as well as this will add to the shape of the eyes even more. 

* Using liquid highlighter along your cheekbones is a great way to highlight your eyes and your cheekbones.

However, using eye cosmetics with utmost safety is also crucial. Though these makeup products give eyes a dramatic look but your pretty eyes should also remain healthy. 

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