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Top ways to make your ex jealous and running back

India TV Lifestyle Desk 25 Mar 2016, 9:52:14
Tips that will help you regain life and make that...

New Delhi: All of us have those hotties in our lives, who have left us midway and our ultimate wish in life is to take revenge from them by making them jealous.

Secretly, we are desperate to have them back in our lives. If you are one of them, don’t fret as we have got something for you.

Here are some top tips that will help you regain life and make that ex burn like anything!

Enter the ‘me’ phase
Always remember nobody’s worth your tears. So never waste them on any worthless person, focus on yourself.  It may take you some time to come out of it. But don’t worry, nobody dies of heartbreak.

Show that you are happy being alone.

Socially active
Stay active both physically and socially (virtual). Yes, you can stay super active on your social pages. Click pouty selfies and post them on your social accounts. Seeing you happy will make your ex go crazy.

Shape up
What’s stopping from going to the gym and getting back to the shape. Being lazy and binging on ice creams and chips is no way to come out of a break up; it will just add more pounds and nothing else. Don’t be a couch potato, get up and exercise. Seeing you fit and toned up will make your ex regret and cringe.

You can get yourself a makeover. A haircut or something, men can keep beard or try new hairstyles. You can try different dressing styles or start wearing something your ex never liked. This way not only people around you will find a new person in you but you yourself will also feel good.

Don’t leave common friends
Keep your common friends common. After breakup, you have all the more reasons to have them. They will keep your ex updated about your happy status. Don’t step back and go out with them, arrange parties, night outs, weekend getaways.

Bring up that hottie
Talking about opposite sex always works. Once your ex knows that you are being friendly with a new hottie, it won’t take him/her much time to pursue you again.

Don’t oversell the idea of being happy and chilling, just keeping it subtle is the right way to go. Happy dating!


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