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7 wardrobe essentials to glam –up your winters

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 17 Nov 2016, 7:56:01
7 wardrobe essentials to glam –up your winters...

Winters are approaching and it is high to tipe to prepare your wardrobe for the chilly weather. There has been a notion that one can look stylish and a fashionista just in summers.

In fact, many believe that winters is the time when feel like digging the ‘style’ in a closet and choose for comfy and warm attires irrespective how unfashionable it it.

But that’s not true at all. You can be as stylish in winters as in summers. However, styling in winters is also about being warm.

All it needs is a bit of creativity and some wardrobe essentials .

So as your get on to change your wardrobe for the winter, we have got some simple tips which will help you glam up the chilly weather and be the diva again.

* Layering: Make a style statement by playing around with layers in winter. You can make a boring, neutral-coloured outfit interesting and fashionable by adding layers in form of a scarf and jacket.

* Tweeds: Nothing spells winter like tweeds. They are the most comfortable and fashionable way of facing winter. Step out in a tailor-fitted tweed jacket, dress or skirt and flaunt your style this winter.

* Shawls: Though shawls are considered to be an old school fashion, it had got its charm back in the recent while. In fact, it has been one of the recent winter trends as well. For instance, a traditional embroidered Kashmiri shawl will up your fashion quotient when paired with a plain suite or sari.

* Long jackets: One can even add a fashion statement with winter wears  during weddings as well along with keeping oneself warm.Floor-length jackets over dresses, trouser and shirts, saris or even lehengahas been some of the recent winter party wear trends

* Gloves: Remember the royal look of most of the Disney princess wearing elbow lenght gloves. Well, it is time to relive that royal era with elan. Add on well-fitted elbow length gloves in satin to your everning dresses. This will not only give an elegant look but will also keep you warm.

* Boots: Boots are a lady's best friend and there is no better season to flaunt your collection than winters! Calf length, knee length, thigh length, with heels, without heels, leather boots, velvet boots, there are 'N' number of ways to glam up your winter using boots.

* Scarves: Add colour in your monotone winter outfits by layering colourful scarves and making your winters stylish.


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