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Easy home remedies to get 'pearl white' teeth!

Get instant white teeth with 6 easy tipsWho doesn't like to smile? A smile surely brightens up one's day and leaves a lasting impression but what if it features “yellow” teeth?Indeed a better way to
easy home remedies to get pearl white teeth -...
India TV News Desk May 24, 2015 19:15 IST

Get instant white teeth with 6 easy tips

Who doesn't like to smile? A smile surely brightens up one's day and leaves a lasting impression but what if it features “yellow” teeth?

Indeed a better way to leave a good impression and boost one's confidence is a good “white” smile. Be it a casual date, an office meeting, an interview or anything, you can never be complete without ‘pearl white' teeth.

While every smile has a feel good effect on others, the yellowness of the teeth ruins it completely and can even affect our social standing.

Yellowness of the teeth occurs mainly due to the presence of bacteria on teeth. It not only spoils one's personality but can also lower morale.

Nowadays, one can find numerous advertisements of toothpastes claiming to whiten teeth and helpful in getting rid of the yellowness.

But one can help himself or herself in getting that lovely smile with shining white teeth by using some easy to do home remedies. Check them out here -

1. This is well-known that cold drinks take away the enamel of teeth leaving them dull and yellow. But if one eats an apple after a cold drink or edible stuff then it allows one's teeth to shine bright and white.

2. You'll be surprised to know that eating popcorns make teeth white! So, one can easily include such food items in one's diet plan. Even carrots bring the same effect!

3. Baking soda which is used in make cakes can also be used to whiten teeth. Clean your teeth with baking soda atleast once a week to keep them white. You can also use common salt for this purpose.
4. Do change your toothbrush after every two or three months. If you don't do so then instead of cleaning your teeth, the brush starts adding bacteria on teeth.

5. One should also keep the tongue clean along with teeth. The bacteria on tongue are a major reason of foul odour from mouth, which surely doesn't give a good impression.

6. As was taught in school, one should brush teeth possibly twice in a day to keep. This keeps teeth white and bacteria free.


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