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Revealed: The best colour to wear on first date and interview (It's not red or pink)

India TV News Desk 11 Sep 2015, 20:59:29
revealed the best colour to wear on first date...

How much time do you spend on choosing an outfit? Especially for those date evenings when all that rings in your mind is, ‘First impression is last impression'.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression." It is an old saying but totally true in every context.
When heading out for occasions like first dates and interviews, where we're hoping to impress someone, it is important to feel confident.

After all, as a human tendency, people start judging you within the first few seconds of meeting you. Thus, it becomes absolutely necessary to knock off their instant conclusion with your inner charm.

But, how are you going to do that?  Well! Dress to impress is the trick here:

We all have spent hours thinking what to wear on date. We are all guilty of starting a war with our wardrobe to find someone which makes us stand out. From the dress you brought last summer to the new one that had a heavy price tag on it; we try everything but nothing seems to click.

So, if you want to feel confident, ‘black' is the colour you should go with.

And it is no plain talk but revealed in new research conducted by British company Buy T-Shirts Online.

It surveyed 1,000 people on the perceptions they make based on the colour you wear – and the results were great for black, not so pretty for pink.

Respondents were asked whether a color makes them feel confident, if they like seeing it on the opposite sex, and if they associate arrogance and intelligence with it.

In the survey, a conclusive 56% of respondents favoured black as the colour of confidence. To be specific: 48% of women and 64% of men favoured it.

Black got tough competition from red, the color which was favoured by 41% of respondents. Split by gender, 54% of women showed their love for the red dress whereas only 28% of men said they would wear it on the first date.

Orange (7%) and brown (4%) are certainly off-limits for first dates and interviews.

So watch the colour you wear before you head out on an important day.

Check out the full results here

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