From suicide attempts to being molested, this woman braved everything in her life

She tried committing suicide twice, as she felt too helpless and dependent for survival
true story virali modi Source: HUMANS OF BOMBAY
Reshu Manglik New Delhi May 06, 2017 14:28 IST

For this woman, life was never easy. She braved everything in her life, from physical disabilities to molestation. But the hardships in her life just made her stronger. Today we’re going to tell you a true story. Tale of a woman, Virali Modi who braved every obstacle in her life and inspired everyone to take on life with a hint of valour. 

She narrated her story to a popular magazine ‘Humans of Bombay’, which caught my attention while scrolling through the news feed. 

While her story inspires us to beat the odds in our life, it also brings to front the loopholes in the society. Let’s hear her saga, because it deserves to be heard. 

She was born in US with a dream to become a doctor. But when she was 14, she suffered the greatest loss of her life. 

She suffered a cardiac arrest and slipped into coma for 23 days. Doctor were left without any hope. Some even suggested pulling the plug and taking off her life. 

But her parents didn’t give up. On her 15th birthday, she came back to her senses, but paralysed neck down. 

She tried committing suicide twice, as she felt too helpless and dependent for survival. But then enlightenment struck her in the form of a book called ‘The Secret’. What she did was something no one imagined. She started visualising moving her arms. And luckily, the exercises worked. She gained mobility in upper part of her body. 

While travelling by a train in Delhi, she suffered the most humiliating incident of her life. Two coolies, on pretext of lifting her, felt her up. He kept on molesting her until he put her down. 

She started working as a writer at a start-up. She headed a team of 25 writers there. This job paved a way to her confidence and made her feel important. She never felt that being disabled made her excluded from others. She became very friends with her boss. 

Now she’s a writer, motivational speaker, an activist for disabled and even a model! She believes there’s nothing in the world that she can’t do. She proudly calls herself a narcissist. 

That’s ‘Her’ story, the woman who braved everything in her life and made through them with flying colours. The woman we fondly know as Virali Modi. The one who’s making this world beautiful, one smile at a time. Hat’s off to her courage and fortitude! 

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