In shocking new tactic, militants using kids in Kashmir to ask youth to shun books and join ‘freedom struggle’

After telling Kashmiris not to send their kids to schools, militants have now resorted to new tactic to radicalise youth in the Valley.
Militants using kids in Kashmir to ask youth to...
India TV News Desk New Delhi May 19, 2017 0:05 IST

Terror groups operating in Jammu and Kashmir have changed their modus-operandi to recruit and radicalise youth in the Valley. After telling Kashmiris not to send their kids to schools, militants have now resorted to new tactic to spread hate against the Indian establishment.

Militants have now released several disturbing photographs on internet showing children, between 2 to 5 years of age, carrying weapons like AK47. 

In few of the photographs, operatives of Hizbul Mujahideen have clicked photographs of kids wearing ribbons on foreheads. The messages, written in Urdu on the ribbons appeal youth of Kashmir to stop attending schools and join the ‘so-called freedom struggle’. 

It also asks people not to send their kids to school and make them learn how to handle weapons. 

“Stop sending children to school, prepare for aazadi….” an image of an infant wearing the green coloured ribbon on his forehead reads. 

Militants have also extended ‘invitation’ to Taliban, which has no involvement or role in Kashmir so far, to back their ‘aazadi struggle’. 

The ribbons, tied of the foreheads of the kids, appeal Kashmiri people to make way for Taliban to spread its leg in the Valley.

The Urdu-language ribbons read: “Let’s bring Taliban in Kashmir… this is our future.”

Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), which is deployed in most of the disturbed areas of the Valley said this is done to radicalise youth through fascination towards militant activities and the paramilitary force is organising programmes to divert youth’s attention to constructive activities. 

“This is a trend started by the militants to radicalise youth by creating fascination towards militant activities. These children do not even understand what is being done with them. On our part, we are organising programmes such as sports tournaments to divert the attention of youth towards constructive activities,” Rajesh Yadav, CRPF Commandant, said.  

According to information available with India TV, as many as 23 Kashmiri youth have joined militant groups in last few months.

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