'Those opposing Ram Mandir in Ayodhya have direct links with Pakistan'

Syed Waseem Rizvi alleged those creating hurdles in the settlement of the Ayodhya land dispute were working at the behest of Pakistan
Ram janmabhoomi site in Ayodhya - India TV Source: FILE PHOTO
Reported by: PTI Jammu September 06, 2017 22:49 IST

A prominent Shia leader today alleged those creating hurdles in the settlement of the Ayodhya land dispute were working at the behest of Pakistan which was trying to destabilise India by exploiting religious sentiments over the issue. 

"This (Ayodhya) dispute is not getting addressed because Pakistan has the biggest hand in it. Those representing the Muslim community in the Supreme Court on the issue have direct links with Pakistan and want bloodshed to destabilise the country," Syed Waseem Rizvi, chairman of the Shia Central Waqf Board, Uttar Pradesh, said here. 

Last month, the Shia Central Waqf Board told the Supreme Court that a mosque could be built in a Muslim-dominated area at a "reasonable distance" from the disputed site in Ayodhya. 

The Shia leader, who is on a campaign to mobilise public opinion in support of the Shia Waqf Board's proposal to allow Hindus to build a Ram temple at the disputed site, and a mosque in the Muslim-majority area, alleged that Pakistan is funding members of the Sunni Waqf Board and Babri Masjid Action Committee as part of its nefarious designs. 

"We do not want a solution from the Supreme Court. We want to build a consensus among the Muslims of the country and we are on a mobilisation tour so that the issue could be resolved through dialogue between the two communities. 

"Muslims of the country are real patriots because they chose to stay back in India when the doors were open for their migration to Pakistan at the time of Partition. We want brotherhood among communities to remain intact," he said. 

He said his team is visiting Kashmir in the next couple of days to hold talks with the Muslim leadership there. 

"After that we are going to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and other places where there is a possibility of riots to make the people aware about the nefarious designs of Pakistan and the role of 'mullahs' and 'moulvis' who are misleading the innocent people," he said. 

Demanding stern action against "mullahs and moulvis on Pakistan's payroll", he said "We don't want to hold talks with those who are working at the behest of Pakistan". 

"All those who do not want to talk on Babri Mosque issue have got exposed. They are misleading the people at the behest of Pakistan because they are getting funds from there. 

Intelligence people are aware of their activities and we are hopeful that action will be taken against them," he said. 

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