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‘Why don’t you teach colonial history in schools?’ Shashi Tharoor asks Britain

India TV News Desk New Delhi 04 Mar 2017, 19:10:58
Shashi Tharoor showed mirror to Britain - India TV
Former UN Under-Secretary General and Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor is undeniably the best orator of the time. People have always admired him for standing for his country and showing the mirror to the British.
Shashi Tharoor stood for India yet again while speaking to a British television channel, Channel 4. In the interview he raised some serious topics, ranging from colonial misdeeds to their impact on India.
Shashi Tharoor, while speaking about his latest book ‘Inglorious Empire’ raises a question on Britain, “Why don’t you teach colonial history in schools?”. He also believes that Britain is suffering from a ‘historical amnesia’ as they don’t teach the colonial history in their schools. Shashi Tharoor also expressed his disappointment with Britain. He believes, Britain has been hiding the truth from the present generation that their country financed it’s industrial revolution and prosperity from the downfall of an ‘Empire’ (India).
“Britain came to one of the richest countries in the world (India) in the early 18th century and reduced it, after 200 years of plunder, to one of the poorest.”
‘Britain destroyed India through looting, expropriation – and outright theft – all conducted in a spirit of deep racism and amoral cynicism.’
When he was asked whether he holds this fact against UK for the trade deals, he diplomatically answered, “I think we don't have a chip on our shoulder when dealing with you (UK)."
He added that the trade would now be between two sovereign countries as India is economically as big as Britain now. He, nevertheless, emphasized on the importance of teaching history to the present generation.
“If you don’t know where you’ve come from, how will you appreciate where you’re going.”
Tharoor says the British students studying at an ‘A’ level are not taught about the colonial history and the atrocities laid by their own country on other countries.
Speaking about Brexit and its implications, he told many Indian have set up shops in the United Kingdom to get the access to the markets of the rest of the world. India may also discuss about the issues like free trade, immigration, conditions for students and temporary work permits.
“If you don’t really want a lot of foreigners in the country, what exactly are you going to give India in return for selling your goods to the Indian market,” he questioned. “You will need to accept that India’s strengths are in providing services, people and expertise in areas like IT and software,” Tharoor said.
Shashi Tharoor describes his upcoming book as a light and impassioned book which every sect of readers will enjoy. 

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