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India Will See A Bigger Revolution Than Egypt, Ramdev Tells Adalat

New Delhi, Apr 9: Yoga guru Swami Ramdev hit out at the ruling Congress Party saying that there cannot be a dynastic rule in the guise of democracy. "India is going to witness a revolution far
india will see a bigger revolution than egypt...
PTI April 09, 2011 14:03 IST

New Delhi, Apr 9: Yoga guru Swami Ramdev hit out at the ruling Congress Party saying that there cannot be a dynastic rule in the guise of democracy.
"India is going to witness a revolution far bigger than that in Egypt or Libya. The people of India will throw away the corrupt rulers", said the spiritual guru in Rajat Sharma's talk show Aap Ki Adalat, to be telecast on India TV this weekend.

Ramdev ruled out the possibility of accepting primeministership, saying that he was happy to play the role of "a guru, a sanyasi".
Pressed by Rajat Sharma whether he intended to play the role  of a  power behind the throne like Sonia Gandhi, the bearded guru laughed and said: "Soniaji is a mata (mother) and I am a sanyasi. Please do not compare me with her".

"Meri unse tulnaa na karen. Woh mata hain, Main sanyasi hoon. Mata se meri tulna na kijiye" (Do not compare me with her. She is a mother. I am a sanyasi. Do not compare me with her)

Swami Ramdev lashed out at the Congress party on the issues of black money and corruption.

Asked by a member of the audience, why he was only targeting the Congress, Ramdev said: "Congress has ruled for 55 out of the 64 years of independence. I am not giving any certificate of honesty to the other parties ruling in the states, but since Congress has ruled India for most of these years, the responsibility lies  with that party".
Swami Ramdev alleged that the Congress had been promoting a single family at the cost of democracy.

As Rajat Sharma pointed out that most of the Nehru-Gandhi leaders were elected by the people in elections, Ramdev retorted: "This country is not the property (bapauti) of a single family. Nearly 400 to 500 government schemes are named after a single family. Why are  we forgetting other great Indians like Bhagat Singh, Rana Pratap and Shivaji? Why can't we give them Bharat Ratna? I do not deny the sacrifices made by Nehru family, but there has to be some balance."

The yoga guru also hit out at Congress leader Digvijay Singh for demanding that he should give details of his assets.
"I am ready to disclose my assets. These assets belong to our trusts, which are regularly audited and each penny is accounted for. I am a sanyasi and I do not have a bank account nor do I own any land in my name".

Ramdev alleged that nearly Rs 400 lakh crore black money has been siphoned out of India and the government was yet to take the issue seriously.

"Who has stopped this government to withdraw high value currency like Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denomination notes from circulation? Why can't the government  wind up the Mauritius double taxation route? Why can't the government ratify the UN Convention on Prevention of Money Laundering ratified by 140 countries?", asked the  yoga guru.

Ramdev hinted that he would come out with a "political alternative" soon. He declined to call it a political party. "The men and women chosen by this political alternative to contest the elections shall be of unimpeachable integrity", he promised.
Do not miss Swami Ramdev in Aaap Ki Adalat on Saturday (April 9) at 10 pm and on Sunday (April 10) at 10 am and 10 pm.


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