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Swami Ramdev Says, Acharya Balkrishna's Degrees Are Real

New Delhi, Jul 25:  With the CBI seeking revocation of his close aide Balkrishna's passport, yoga guru Ramdev today defended his aide's educational degrees claiming they were  real.Reacting to the CBI seeking revocation of Balkrishna's
swami ramdev says acharya balkrishna s degrees...
PTI July 25, 2011 22:42 IST

New Delhi, Jul 25:  With the CBI seeking revocation of his close aide Balkrishna's passport, yoga guru Ramdev today defended his aide's educational degrees claiming they were  real.

Reacting to the CBI seeking revocation of Balkrishna's passport alleging that it had been procured on the basis of fake degrees, the yoga guru defended his close aide saying the veracity of his degrees was proved by the statement of the headmaster of the institute where he pursued his studies.

“Headmaster of Radhakrishan Sanskrit University, where Balkrishna pursued his eduction, Acharya Naresh Chand Dwivedi has already said that his degrees are real and he studied at the institute,” Ramdev said.

It may be recalled that Rajnish Shukla, the Registrar of Sampoornand Sanskrit University has said that the roll number on Balkrishna's degree does not match the roll number in the university's records.

Alleging that there is a conspiracy by politicians to malign his image, he said, “Responsibility for giving a degree lies with the university... How Balkrishna is responsible if any fault is found in his degree? He has not done anything unconstitutional or illegal.”

Had the degrees been fake, Balkrishna would not have used these to obtain a passport, as there are many uneducated people who get their passport made without showing any degrees in support their education, he said.

“I have studied under the gurukul system and I got my passport prepared without showing any such degree. During his childhood and again while pursuing his education Balkrishna had made it clear that he has no interest in jobs and he wanted to serve the country,” Ramdev added.

CBI has approached the External Affairs Ministry seeking revocation of the passport of Balkrishna, alleging that it was procured on the basis of fake documents.

Swami Ramdev targeted the Prime Minister and the Home Minister demanding action against them following A Raja's statement in court that 2G allocation was done with their consent.

“Former Telecom Minister A Raja has said 2G spectrum was allocated with the consent of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the then Finance Minister P Chidambaram. As per his statement action should be taken against Prime Minister and Chidambaram,” Ramdev told reporters here.

Targeting politicians, Ramdev alleged that several of them had furnished wrong details for their passport. However, the yoga teacher refused to name them.  “I don't want to talk about it right now, I don't want to target any one personally. I am fulfilling my constitutional duties by raising issues of black money and corruption,” Ramdev said.

Talking about his “future course of action against corruption and black money”, Ramdev said more yoga camps on the lines of the one held at Ramlila Maidan here will be organized across the country.

“More than 11,000 youths would be participating in a camp organized by us and we will start our public programmes.  Everyday there would be programmes of two to five lakh people,” the yoga guru said without giving any time-line.
On whether he would seek support from Lokpal bill activist Anna Hazare Ramdev said, “We will extend our support and seek support from everyone fighting against corruption and black money. Our aim is not to attain political power but political purity.”

Reacting to the allegations of use of steroids in his medicines, he said, “There would be more such conspiracies against us. Recently a Union Minister was planning to target us saying that there are steroids in our medicines. But there is no steroid in turmeric and garlic which are used in our medicine, these materials have their natural steroids.”

He added that many politicians and their families are using the products and medicines prepared by his organization.

“All the political leaders and their families are using medicines prepared by us. I don't want to take their name here. They would be embarrassed,” he said. PTI


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