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60 US Mayors pledge support to Paris Agreement goals

60 US Mayors reiterated their commitment to the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda (MNCAA) that calls for adopting goals of the Paris Agreement.
Eric Garcetti
India TV News Desk New Delhi June 02, 2017 8:58 IST

At least 60 US Mayors have publicly aired their disagreement with President Donald Trump over his decision to pull out of Paris Climate accord.

These Mayors including Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, on Thursday  reiterated their commitment to the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda (MNCAA) that calls for adopting goals of the Paris Agreement.

The agenda, also known as Climate Mayors, is a network of 88 US mayors, representing over 43 million Americans all over the country, Xinhua reported.

They work together to strengthen local efforts for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting efforts for binding federal and global-level policy making.

In response to US President Donald Trump’s announcement of his country’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, the organisation, led by Garcetti said they would adopt, honour, and uphold the commitments to the goals enshrined in the agreement.

“We will intensify efforts to meet each of our cities’ current climate goals, push for new action to meet the 1.5 degrees Celsius target, and work together to create a 21st century clean energy economy,” the organisation added.

They pledged to increase investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and will buy and create more demand for electric cars and trucks.

“If the President wants to break the promises made to our allies enshrined in the historic Paris Agreement, we’ll build and strengthen relationships around the world to protect the planet from devastating climate risks,” the mayors said.

Until Thursday noon, 61 mayors signed their names in the statement, including almost all mayors of the big cities in the US, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix and Denver.

“Climate change is a fact of life that people in Los Angeles and cities around the world live with every day. It is a grave threat to our health, our environment, and our economy - and it is not debatable or negotiable,” said Garcetti in a statement released shortly after Trump’s announcement.

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