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US university offers course on marijuana business for spring term

India TV News Desk New Delhi 14 Mar 2017, 13:51:58
Marijuana plants - India TV

The University of Denver (DU) will be offering its students a new course, the business of marijuana, from the next quarter.  

According to the Colorado-based thedenverchannel.com, the Daniels College of Business will offer the elective course to both undergraduate and graduate students on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It will be the third marijuana-related course offered at the University of Denver. The university already offers courses covering legal issues and journalism of the cannabis industry.

Professor Paul Seaborn, who will be teaching the students opting for this subject, said that the course will focus on what makes the marijuana business unique from other industries.

“There’s a lot of really interesting writing and analysis being done in the media and also by academics,” Seaborn told thedenverchannel.com.

“We will really be tapping into all of those sources to try to get a clear picture of what’s similar and what’s different in this industry compared to other industries. Whether it’s alcohol or tobacco, even automotive or biotech. Lots of comparing and contrasting to see what makes it unique and what are the common issues these industries have experienced in these early stages,” he added.


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