Al Qaeda praises Charlie Hebdo carnage as 'Blessed Battle of Paris'

New Delhi: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, based in Yemen, has taken responsibility for the carnage carried out at the office of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo last week, in which 12 people, including
al qaeda praises charlie hebdo carnage as blessed...
India TV News Desk January 14, 2015 17:19 IST

New Delhi: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, based in Yemen, has taken responsibility for the carnage carried out at the office of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo last week, in which 12 people, including cartoonists and policemen, were killed.

In a 11:45 minute long video posted on internet, a man with the Al Qaeda logo and ISIS flag in the background, says the group claims responsiblity for what he called "the blessed battle of Paris".

In the background was shown the terror attacks in Paris and the huge protest march taken out on Sunday in Paris.

Al Qaeda said,  it “chose the target, laid the plan and financed the operation.” The group glorified the two terrorist brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi as "two heroes of Islam". The statement referred to the hostage taking by the third terrorist  Amedy Coulibaly as a "coincidence".

The video was posted by Al-Malahim Media with its logo, and another logo of the Arabic script - Mohammed Rasulullah-  in the background.  

The video describes it as "A message regarding the Blesses Battle of Paris" by Al-Mujahid, alongwith an advice to Muslims : "In your prayers, do not forget your brothers - Al Qaeda al-Jihad in Arabian Peninsula"

After reading out verses from the Holy Quran, the person starts reading out at a lengthy 11:45 min long message.

Excerpts from the message: "Congratulations to you, o ummah of Islam, for this vengeance that has soothed our hearts.

"Congratulations to you for these brave men who blew off the dust of disgrace and lit the torch of glory in the darkness of defeat and agony.

"In spite of many Zionist-Christian attacks on our ummah, all military, economic, cultural and moral - except that the severests and the most dangerous are their attacks on our Prophet and religion.

"By Allah, if we lose the two, we will lose the rest. And if we yield, we will yield in the rest too. They are the criteria for glory and disgrace.

"The heads of kufr have realized this after they had been shocked by the events. Look at how they gathered, rallied and supported each other; strengthening their weakness and dressing their wounds.

"Those wounds have not healed and they won't, be it in Paris, New York or Washington, or in London or Spain, or in Palestine the legend of glory and pride.

"Look carefully at their gathering. They are the same who fought us in Afghanistan and Caucasus, in Gaza, the Levant, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen.

"Look at it. It is France that has shared all of America's crimes. It is France that has committed crimes in Mali and the Islamic Maghreb.

"It is France that supports the annihilation of Muslims in Central Africa in the name of racial cleansing.

"They are the party of Satan, the enemies of Allah the Almighty and the enemies of His Prophets.

"Muslim ummah, this is a new turning point in the history of confrontation. It has its consequences. Let us not let the kaafirs (disbelievers) be more united in their disbelief and insulting the prophets than us in supporting our religion and Prohphet.

"Those are our brothers. They were generous with their lives in supporting our Prophet. So what are we going to, o Muslim ummah?

"Let us support our Prophet, our religion and ummah. Each one as per his capability and speciality. This is the Sunnah of Allah that does not change; a confrontation between truth and false until the Day of Judgment.

".....As for the oppressed among the sons of the ummah, they should head towards Allah and pray. Because victory is brought by the oppressed of our nation as it was narrated by the Prophet in an authentic hadees.

"We call you, Muslims, to support the religion of Allah and His Prophet by silent killing. And what we can make you know what silent killing is.

"It is boycotting. Yes, subdue the enemies of Allah with all calmness and kill them without any clamour. Exhaust and tire them by boycotting their products. Regard that as your support for the Prophet and religion of Allah.

"We also call upon you to help Muslims dying out of coldness in refugee camps.

"As for our message to the Western nation: We have warned you before about the consequences of these deeds that your governments collude under the pretext of 'freedom of press' or freedom of ideas!

"The freedom that is always tamed except when spreading vile and waging war on Allah and His Messengers and defaming the religion.

"As for those who call on to Tawheed and virtue, and contradicts with their desires, they are labelled 'callers to terrorism', 'anti-Semitic'. There is no stronger evidence than the issue of the Holocaust in which there is no room for freedom of expression or of ideas.

"In closing, I tell you: Sheikh Osama bin Laden warned you before: "if there is no check on the freedom of your words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions. The answer is what you see, not what you hear. But your governments blocked their ears from this address.

"They became stubborn and persisted in protecting and supporting the offensive cartoonists, directors and journalists.

"Today, by the grace of Allah, the Mujahideen have taken vengeance for their generous Prophet. They sent a message through this operation to all who dare to take on Muslim sanctities.

"We tell you once again: Stop your insults at our Prophet and sanctities. Stop spilling our blood. Leave our lands. Quit plundering our resources.

"Otherwise, by Allah, do not expect from us anything except tragedies and terror. You will look for peace and stability but you will not find it because of the deeds of Inghimaasis and heroes of lone Jihad, by the Grace of Allah.

"As for the Blessed Battle of Paris: We in the Organization of Qaidatul Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula claim responsibility for this operation as a vengeance for the Messenger of Allah.

"We clarify to the ummah that the one who chose the target, laid the plan, financed the operation and appointed its amir, is the leadership of the organization.

"We did it in compliance with the Command of Allah and supporting His Messenger. then the order of our general amir, the generous Sheikh Aiman bin Mohammed Al Zawahiri - may Allah preserve him, and following the will of Sheikh Osama bin Laden, may Allah have mercy on him.

"The arrangements with the amir for the operation were made by Sheikh Anwar Al'Awlaki, may Allah have mercy on him, who threatens the West both during his life and after his martyrdom. He is lofty in both life and death, I swear that's one of the noble deeds.

"This blessed battle was carried out by two heroes of Islam, the Kouachi brothers Sharrif and Sa'id, may Allah have mercy on them.

"This blessed battle was carried out by two heroes of Islam, the Kouachi brothers Sharif and Sa'id - may Allah have mercy on them. It was a tawfeeq from Allah that the operation coincided with the operation of Mujahid brother Ahmed Koulibali, may Allah have mercy on him.

"We ask Allah to accept them all among martyrs, and bless them in the company of the Prophets.

"The result of the operation was the killing of a number of the newspaper's cartoonists, workers and guards. By the Grace of Allah, one of them was in the "wanted List" produced by Inspire Magazine with image and name.

"All praise is due to Allah for His Tawfeeq and gratitude.....O Allah, whoever attacks our Prophet, mute his tongue, paralyze his limbs and make him a warning for others.And the last of our call will be, 'Praise to Allah, Lord of the worlds".

"O Aqsa, we are coming."


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