PM Modi tells Trump administration to have ‘balanced and farsighted’ view on H-1B visa

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today pressed the US to have a balanced and farsighted perspective on the movement of skilled professionals.
A US Congressional Delegation met PM Narendra... Source: PMO
India TV Politics Desk New Delhi February 22, 2017 9:02 IST

In the backdrop of the President Donald Trump's move to curb H1B visas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pressed the US to have a 'balanced and farsighted' view on the movement of skilled professionals. 

He made the comment while receiving a 26-member bi- partisan US Congressional delegation here on Tuesday. The move to curb H1B visas by Trump Administration will hurt India, one of the biggest recipients of the visa for skilled labour, most IT professionals. 

Welcoming the Congressional Representatives to India, Modi said that their visit augurs a good start to bilateral exchanges following the change in the US Administration and Congress. 

He recalled his positive conversation with President Donald Trump and the shared commitment to further strengthen ties that have grown deeper in the last two and a half years. 

In this regard, he recognized Congress' strong bipartisan support for the India-US partnership, a PMO statement said. 

Modi shared his perspective on areas where both countries can work even more closely, including in facilitating greater people-to-people linkages that have over the years helped contribute to each other's prosperity. 

"In this context, the Prime Minister referred to the role of skilled Indian talent in enriching the American economy and society" and "urged developing a reflective, balanced and farsighted perspective on movement of skilled professionals," the statement said. 


Soon after taking over last month, Trump had decided to overhaul the work visa programmes like the H-1B and L1, a move that will adversely hit the lifeline of Indian tech firms and professionals in the US. 

At present, 65,000 H1B visas are issued by the US every year and Indians account for a major chunk in it.

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