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‘Is Rahul Gandhi consulting Italian Constitution on Goa?’ asks Subramanian Swamy

India TV Politics Desk New Delhi 15 Mar 2017, 13:53:24
Subramanian Swamy and Rahul Gandhi - India TV

Mocking Rahul Gandhi over his ‘lack of constitutional knowledge’, senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy today wondered whether the Congress vice president was consulting the Italian Constitution over the government formation row in Goa. 

Swamy advised Rahul Gandhi to read the Indian Constitution before making noise about it.

"I don't know which Constitution he is consulting, some Italian Constitution or what? Because the Indian one is very clear. Article 164 (1) says that the Governor can appoint anyone as a chief minister,” Swamy said.

Rejecting Congress’ criticism of Goa Governor Mridula Sinha, Swami said, “I would like to ask, what wrong has the Governor done? I would like to ask where in the Constitution it is written that the single largest party should be invited?" 

“Rahul Gandhi does not have much education, so he doesn't know the Constitution. Before making noise he should read the Constitution and tell which article has been violated," he added.

On Tuesday, Rahul Gandi had accused the BJP of polarising the electorate to win elections in the five states that went to polls recently.

He also alleged that the BJP was using ‘money power’ to form governments in Goa and Manipur.

"The BJP won elections in UP, I'd like to congratulate them. Why they won, there are multiple reasons, one being polarisation. Democracy is being undermined by them using financial power and money," Rahul had said.


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