Finding ways to put behind bars those stashing black money into jan dhan accounts, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is presently addressing the BJP’s ‘parivartan rally’ in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad.
PM Modi addresses BJP’s ‘parivartan rally’...
India TV Politics Desk Moradabad December 03, 2016 20:25 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the BJP’s ‘parivartan rally’ in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad ahead of next year's Assembly polls. In his speech, the Prime Minister once encouraged the people to shift to cashless transactions to end corruption that has snatched rights of the poor. 

"Corruption has snatched the rights of the poor, it has been the root of all ills,” he said while expressing his desire to eradicate poverty from Uttar Pradesh.

“Now, your bank is in your mobile," the Prime Minister said, adding that he will go a long way in addressing the menace in the country.

The Prime Minister also made an appeal to the owners of Jan Dhan accounts not to withdraw money deposited by blackmarketeers in their accounts.

“The honest have queued up outside the banks, the corrupt are standing outside the houses of the poor after demonetisation. Do not withdraw money deposited by blackmarketeers in Jan Dhan accounts. I am finding ways to put behind bars those guilty of stashing their black money into the Jan Dhan accounts of the poor,” he said. 

Attacking the opposition parties for questioning the demonetisation policy he said, “Parties in power in the past had worked only for themselves and for their near ones, but not for the poor. Have I committed any crime by attacking corruption and black money?”

“What can my opponents do to me? I am a fakir (hermit). I will exit with my little belongings,” he said.


* I am finding ways to put behind bars those guilty of stashing their black money into the jan dhan accounts of the poor: PM Modi

* Want to tell poor people in whose account money has been deposited, don't touch that money, if they insist on asking for money, ask for proof-PM

Today the one's who have stashed black money are queuing outside the house of poor people, asking for their help. Dishonest people can't go to banks now and so they are queuing up outside homes of poor and trying to mislead them: PM Modi

What can my opponents do to me? I am a fakir (hermit). I will exit with my little belongings: PM Modi

* Shouldn't I fight corruption? Is fighting corruption a crime? Why are some people calling me a wrong doer for fighting corruption: PM

* In ten years Madhya Pradesh has been transformed & is known for development & agriculture: PM

* Whenever and wherever BJP has got a chance to serve, our leaders have followed the path of development: PM 

* So many governments made so many announcements so many times; We have devoted our focus towards accountability: PM Modi in Moradabad

* When came to power, I personally asked officials on why despite 70 yrs of independence, many villages are still deprived of electricity?: PM

* I have not fought from Uttar Pradesh only to become a MP but wanted to initiate a fight against poverty from this huge state: PM Modi


* If one has to eradicate poverty from the country, it is essential to develop big states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra: PM Modi

* I want to thank the people of Moradabad for extending their support to the BJP during the 2014 elections: PM Modi

* Today before coming to Moradabad, I was a little apprehensive as I am visiting this place after 2009: PM Modi

The BJP's parivartan yatra, which started from four corners of UP was flagged off by party president Amit Shah at Saharanpur on November 5. After travelling all 403 assembly constituencies, the four yatras will culminate on December 24 in Lucknow. The state will go to polls early next year.


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