PM Modi 'misleading' people, says Opposition; asks him to face Parliament

Opposition on Saturday said that no one was preventing PM Modi from speaking and they are only demanding the PM's presence in Parliament to debate this critical issue.
Narendra Modi, Congress, Opposition, Rahul Gandhi Source: PTI
India TV Politics Desk New Delhi December 11, 2016 9:32 IST

Accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of "misleading" people on demonetization, the Opposition on Saturday said that no one was preventing him from speaking and they are only demanding the PM's presence in Parliament to debate this critical issue. 

“Modiji people are tired of monologues. I urge you to honestly face the Parliament & answer our questions,” Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi tweeted. 

Attacking the Prime Minister for his remarks that he has not been allowed to speak in Lok Sabha, senior spokesperson of Congress Anand Sharma alleged that Modi was "habitual of peddling untruths" and also asked as to why he did not wait to announce the demonetization decision in Parliament when the House had been summoned by the President. 

"Prime Minister is habitual of peddling untruths. Nobody has prevented the Prime Minister from speaking. He should not mislead the people. Only thing the Opposition has asked is that he should listen to us, participate and answer our questions because it is he who made this announcement. 

"We are demanding that if he makes a statement and everybody listens, then he should be prepared to respond to our questions also. We cannot allow this that he makes the statements outside, he has actually unleashed financial anarchy," Sharma said. 

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee, one of the fiercest critic of demonetisation move, said Modi has no solution except for giving ‘bhashan’ on demonetisation.

“Modi babu knows that DeMonetisation now derailed. Except giving bhashan, he has no solution,” the West Bengal Chief Minister tweeted  

"Modi babu just said: Govt is ready to debate.I'm not being allowed to speak in LSabha so I'm speaking in Jan Sabha (We say: factually wrong)," Trinamool leader and Rajya Sabha member Derek O'Brien tweeted. 

Yesterday, addressing a rally in Deesa in Gujarat, Modi slammed the Opposition for disrupting Parliament, saying he has been forced to speak out in 'jan sabha' (among people) as he was not allowed to do so in Lok Sabha. 

There is a deadlock in Parliament with government and the opposition sticking to their demands. 

"Opposition is not allowing me to speak in Lok Sabha, so, I have decided to speak in 'jan sabha' (people's assembly). But, whenever I would get a chance, I will try to represent the voice of 125 crore people in Lok Sabha," Modi said in a retort to the opposition leaders including Rahul Gandhi accusing him of running away from speaking on demonetization in Parliament. 

The Winter Session of Parliament that started on November 16 has been rocked by opposition protest over demonetization and has so far been a virtual washout, with both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha not doing any significant business. 

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