Venkaiah Naidu mocks Rahul Gandhi’s ‘earthquake’ threat; accuses Congress of running away from debate

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi today accused the government of running from debate over demonetisation policy and said promised ‘tremors’ if he was allowed to speak on demonetisation in the House.
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India TV Politics Desk New Delhi December 09, 2016 16:04 IST


Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu today mocked Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for his remark saying that his speech on demonetisation would cause an ‘earthquake’ in the Parliament. 

“May this quake happen when we are not present in the Parliament,” Naidu told reporters here after the adjournment of Lok Sabha for the day yet again. 

Rebutting allegations that demonetisation is an anti-people measure, he said that people of the country are, by and large, in favour of the November 8 decision.

“Demonetisation is a short term struggle for a long term gain. You (Congress) are talking about inconvenience caused to people, lakhs of people committed suicide due to distress under your regime. Who are you preaching?” he said.

Naidu further said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has received mandate on all fronts and the also recognition at world platforms because of his people-friendly approach. 

“We get mandate in bypolls nationally recently, the result of TIME magazine is in front of you. What else mandate you need?” he said and accusing the Congress of running away from the debate on demonetisation in the Parliament. 

BJP’s spokesperson Sambit Patra too echoed similar views on Rahul’s ‘earthquake’ remark.

“Those who were 'Epicentre' of SCAMS for last 60years talk of 'Earthquake' today!!” he tweeted.

Earlier this morning, Rahul Gandhi accused the government of running from debate over demonetisation policy and promised ‘tremors’ if he was allowed to speak on demonetisation in the House. 

Terming the November 8 decision ‘biggest scam’ in the history of India, he said, “Since a month we've been trying debate on demonetisation. I want to speak in the Lok Saha, I will tell everything.”

“Government is running away from debate, if they allow me to speak then you will see what an earthquake will come,” Rahul told reporters outside the Parliament.

Continuing the attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul said that the PM was giving speeches everywhere but was afraid of coming to the Lok Sabha. “What is he so scared of?” he asked.

Meanwhile, there are so signs of a breakthrough in the Parliament deadlock that has continued since the beginning of the Winter Session. Opposition parties led by the Congress today disrupted the proceedings of the Lower House again, forcing the Chair to adjourn the session for the day. 

The House was first adjourned till 11:30 am minute after it met this morning. When the House met at 11:30, opposition created ruckus once again following which Speaker Sumitra Mahajan adjourned the House for another 30 minutes. 

At 12noon, the situation was no different, forcing the Chair to adjourn the Lok Sabha for the entire day. 

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar said the minority was keeping the majority away from discussion.


"This is not the way... when the majority wants to participate in a discussion, they are disrupting. They must apologise to the nation. They are wasting people's money," he said.

The Winter Session of the Parliament is heading towards a complete washout over the demonetisation move. The Parliament has failed to transact any business due to continuous uproar by the opposition parties over government’s November 8 decision.

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