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Virat Kohli slammed on Twitter after Anil Kumble's resignation as India's head coach

Former skipper Anil Kumble resigned from the post of Team India's coach, here's how the Twitter world reacted to his infamous exit and rift with Virat Kohli.
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Aditya Chauhan New Delhi June 21, 2017 14:14 IST

After losing the much-hyped Champions Trophy encounter against Pakistan on Sunday, things have gone from bad to worse for Indian cricket. Team India not only lost their title of defending champions to arch-rivals Pakistan but also lost a gem of an individual who could have taken the team to greater heights in the near future.

Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about former leg-spinner Anil Kumble who surprised everyone by stepping down from the post of India’s head coach following an alleged rift with skipper Virat Kohli. 

Touted as the modern-day great, Virat Kohli is presently the poster boy of Indian cricket and has been treated as semi-god in the cricket frenzy nation. But the loss against Pakistan and his internal spat with Anil Kumble has somehow dented Kohli’s reputation among his millions of fans who admire him for his cricketing prowess. 

Kumble’s humiliating exit has also further deepened the hole and has given a rise to a new debate that ‘Should the captain be the biggest supremo among all’? Kumble is considered as the one of the biggest match winners in Indian cricket and a legend in world cricket who has contributed immensely in the game. 

Since his exit, a huge number of Kumble fans, supporters and former sportsmen has come openly in defense of the former skipper. Check how the Twitter world reacted to Kumble's departure:- 

Well, only the time will tell how big an impact Anil Kumble's exit would make on Team India's track record in big matches. 

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