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Modi Asks His Suspension To Be Placed Before BCCI General Body

Raising the ante against N Srinivasan, suspended IPL chairman Lalit Modi has asked for the BCCI secretary's recusal from the proceedings against him and demanded that the issue of his suspension be placed before the
modi asks his suspension to be placed before bcci...
PTI June 25, 2010 10:55 IST

Raising the ante against N Srinivasan, suspended IPL chairman Lalit Modi has asked for the BCCI secretary's recusal from the proceedings against him and demanded that the issue of his suspension be placed before the general body of the Cricket Board.

Terming Srinivasan's decision to call a Special General Meeting on July 3 as illegal and unconstitutional, Modi, in a letter to the Board secretary yesterday, a copy of which was also sent to BCCI president Shashank Manohar, has given a 48-hour deadline to the Board to put his suspension before the general body for approval. 

Modi said that while Manohar acceded to Srinivasan's request and recused himself from the disciplinary committee, the BCCI secretary himself did not take any cognizance of a similar demand not to take part in any proceedings as he (Srinivasan) was biased and had a personal animus against him. 

Modi has been served show-cause notices charging him with irregularities in the conduct of IPL and of trying to float a parallel T20 League in England, based on an email to this effect from England and Wales Cricket Board's chief Giles Clarke. 

"I refer to my replies to the three Show Cause Notices issued to me by the BCCI. In these replies, whilst responding to the allegations made against me, I had particularly asserted that, for the reasons set out therein, you should totally exclude yourself from participating further, in any manner whatsoever, in the said proceedings," Modi has written to Srinivasan.

"I had specifically stated that (i) you were biased; (ii) you had a personal animus against me; and (iii) your continued participation, in these proceedings, would tantamount to your being a judge in your own cause and totally denude these proceedings of any credibility. I had therefore requested that all further decisions, including whether, in light of my replies, the matter should be closed at this stage itself, be determined by person(s) who were totally independent and impartial."

Charging Srinivasan of not responding to these letters, Modi said it was through newspaper reports that he came to know that the Board had convened an SGM to ratify Srinivasan's decisions.

"I did not receive any response from you. A number of newspapers however, carried reports stating that you had convened a Special General Meeting of the BCCI on 3rd July, 2010, inter-alia, to ratify your decision to refer the allegations in the Show Cause Notice issued by the BCCI to a Disciplinary Committee. These reports also stated that the Honorary President, in response to my request that he may consider recusing himself, had in fact done so. "Till close today I have not received any communication or intimation from you or the BCCI," Modi wrote.

"A short while ago, I was able to obtain, from the press, a document dated 19th June, 2010, entitled 'Proceedings of the Hon Secretary, BCCI on replies by Mr Lalit K Modi to Show Cause Notices issued by the BCCI on 26th April, 2010, 6th May, 2010 and 31st May 2010'. It is unfortunate that, though this document dealt solely with my replies, a copy of this was not forwarded to me," the suspended IPL chief said. 

"I wish to make it absolutely clear that I do not accept the legality of any of your suggestions, findings or recommendations. The decision contained in the said document appears to be your private decision and is not an institutional decision of or on behalf of, the Board. Any reference, by you, to the Board, of your private decision is and will be, wholly un-constitutional, illegal and null and void ab-initio. 

"Despite the existence of overwhelming material (including that placed on record by me) which would have impelled any fair minded person to immediately dissociate himself with these proceedings, you have continued to participate therein. 

"I dare say that what is even more disturbing is that despite the Honorary President having rescued himself, you have chosen to decide the matter. Please confirm under which provision of the BCCI constitution, you have done so.

"It has now become absolutely clear that the apprehensions expressed by me in my Replies, have been proved correct. Knowing your past conduct, the recommendations made by you to the General Body, are bound to be biased," Modi said in his letter to Srinivasan. PTI

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