Pro Kabaddi League 2017

Highlights, Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 91: Puneri Paltan stun Dabang Delhi K.C. 34-29

Captain Deepak Hooda led Puneri Paltan to a magnificent win against Dabang Delhi K.C. in the match no. 91 of PKL 2017 at Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi.
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Reported by: Aditya Chauhan New Delhi September 23, 2017 22:29 IST

Puneri Paltan captain Deepak Hooda led visitors to a brilliant win against Dabang Delhi K.C. in the match no. 91 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi. Deepak bagged the 'Perfect Raider of the Match' award, he scored 10 raid points for Paltan. Whereas, defender Monu was adjudged the 'Player of the Match', he scored five tackle points for the Puneri Paltan. Raider Rajesh Mondal of Paltan was given the 'Do-or-die Raider' award.


22.23 IST: 

22.18 IST: Puneri Paltan beat Dabang Delhi 34-29!

22.17 IST: Timeout taken by Umpire!

22.16 IST: Another point for Dabang defence, Rajesh Mondal goes out for Pune. Delhi 29-34 vs Puneri

22.16 IST: Meraj Sheykh picks up a bonus point for Delhi, Dabang 28-34 vs Paltan

22.15 IST: Girish picks up a strong tackle point for Pune, Paltan 34-27 vs Dabang 

22.13 IST: Puneri Paltan all-out, three points to Delhi. Dabang Delhi 27-33 vs Puneri Paltan 

22.12 IST: Abolfazl picks up another tough raid point for the Dabang's, Delhi 23-33 vs Puneri

22.11 IST: Dabang Delhi shows their strength in defence this time, point for the home team. Delhi 22-33 vs Pune

22.10 IST: Abolfazl picks up a brilliant raid point for the hosts, Delhi 21-33 vs Pune

22.08 IST: Timeout taken by Umpire!

22.06 IST: Delhi returned the favour this time, point in defence for the hosts. Dabang Delhi 20-33 vs Puneri Paltan

20.04 IST: Fifth tackle point of the evening for young Pune defender - Monu. Puneri 33-19 vs Delhi

22.03 IST: Timeout taken by Umpire!

22.02 IST: Rohit once again picks up an easy raid point for the home side, Dabang Delhi 19-32 vs Puneri Paltan 

22.01 IST: Deepak picks up another raid point for Pune, Patlan lead 32-18 vs Dabang

22.00 IST: Rohit Baliyan picks up two raid points for the hosts, Delhi 18-30 vs Pune

21.59 IST: Dabang Delhi face another all-out, their second of the match. Puneri Paltan lead Dabang Delhi by fourteen points 30-16

21.57 IST: Deepak Hooda shows his class in raiding for Pune, he picks up four raid points - SUPER RAID. Paltan 26-15 vs Dabang

21.57 IST: Dabang Delhi K.C. face their first all-out of the match, Puneri Paltan lead 21-15 against the hosts

21.56 IST: Rajesh Mondal once again weaved his magic in raiding for Puneri, he picks up two more raid points for his team. Paltan 17-15 vs Dabang 

21.55 IST: Abolfazl picks up an easy raid point for Delhi, it's 15-15

21.54 IST: Rajesh Mondal picks up two raid points in the do-or-die raid for Pune, Paltan 15-14 vs Dabang Delhi K.C.

21.51 IST: Another strong Super Tackle from Puneri Paltan defenders. Pune 13-14 vs Delhi

21.49 IST: Super Tackle from Puneri Paltan, two points to the visitors. Paltan 11-14 vs Dabang 

21.42 IST: Dabang Delhi K.C. lead against Puneri Paltan by six points 14-8 at half-time.

21.41 IST: Meraj once again picks up a brilliant raid point for Delhi with a vicious kick on opposition captain, Dabang Delhi 14-8 vs Puneri Paltan

21.40 IST: Deepak Hooda picks up a bonus point in the do-or-die raid for Paltan, Puneri 8-13 vs Delhi

21.38 IST: Dabang Captain Meraj Sheykh pulls off another magnificent raid, he picks up two points for the hosts. Delhi 13-7 vs Puneri

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