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Highlights, Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 53: U Mumba beat Haryana Steelers 38-32

U Mumba beat Haryana Steelers 38-32 in Match 53 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at the Dome@NSCI SVP Stadium, Mumbai, register first win in their home leg.
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Reported by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi August 30, 2017 21:12 IST

U Mumba beat Haryana Steelers 38-32 in the Match No. 53 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at the Dome@NSCI SVP Stadium, Mumbai. This was U Mumba's first win in their home leg. They were earlier deprived of a chance to prove themselves at home on Tuesday due to the postponement of their encounter against Gujarat Fortunegiants on account of heavy rains in Mumbai that have brought the city to a standstill.

Captain of U Mumba - Anup Kumar with eight raid points was adjudged the 'Perfect Raider' of the match. 'Player of the Match' was given to Kuldeep Singh of U Mumba, he picked up six tackle points for the home side.


21.04 IST: U Mumba beat Haryana Steelers 38-32, register first win on their home leg.

21.03 IST: Deepak Kumar goes out for Haryana, point in defence for Mumbai. U Mumba 38-32 vs Haryana Steelers

21.02 IST: Point in defence for Mumba, U Mumba lead by five points 37-32 vs Haryana Steelers 

21.00 IST: Tackle point for Haryana Steelers, Steelers 32-36 vs Mumba

21.00 IST: Wazir Singh goes out for Steelers, U Mumba 36-31 vs Haryana Steelers 

20.57 IST: Timeout taken by U Mumba

20.56 IST: Deepak Kumar raids successfully for Haryana, Steelers 31-35 vs U Mumba 

20.55 IST: Jadhav gets a touch point for Mumbai, U Mumba 35-30 vs Haryana Steelers 

20.52 IST: Super Tackle from U Mumba defenders, Mumbai 34-30 vs Haryana

20.51 IST: Mohan Raman G Unsuccessful Raid, point for U Mumba. U Mumba 32-30 vs Haryana Steelers

20.49 IST: Super Tackle from U Mumba, Wazir Singh goes out. U Mumba 31-29 vs Haryana Steelers!

20.47 IST: Another strong tackle for Haryana Steelers, Anup Kumar goes out. It's 29-29!

20.46 IST: Another error in defence from U Mumba defender, Haryana 28-29 vs U Mumba

20.45 IST: Anup Kumar raids successfully, two points for Mumbai. U Mumba 29-27 vs Haryana Steelers

20.44 IST: Deepak Dahiya picks up two raid points for Haryana, it's 27-27!

20.43 IST: Anup Kumar picks up a raid point for Mumbai, U Mumba 27-25 vs Haryana Steelers 

20.42 IST: Wazir Singh once again picks up a touch point for Haryana, Steelers 25-26 vs Mumba

20.41 IST: Anup Kumar picks up a bonus point for U Mumba, Mumbai 26-24 vs Steelers

20.38 IST: Kashiling goes out for Mumba, one more tackle point for Steelers. Haryana 24-25 vs Mumba

20.38 IST: One more raid point for Wazir Singh of Steelers, Haryana 23-25 vs Mumbai

20.37 IST: U Mumba All-Out! Haryana Steelers trail by just three points 22-25 vs U Mumba

20.36 IST: Deepak Kumar picks up crucial three raid points for Haryana, Steelers 19-24 vs Mumba

20.35 IST: Shrikant Jadhav gets a touch point for Mumbai, U Mumba 24-16 vs Steelers 

20.33 IST: Kuldeep pulls off a brilliant solo Super Tackle, gets two points for U Mumba. U Mumba 23-16 vs Haryana Steelers 

20.33 IST: Vikas picks up raid point for Steelers, Haryana 16-21 vs Mumbai

20.32 IST: Nitin Madne picks up a bonus point for U Mumba, Mumba 21-15 vs Steelers

20.25 IST: U Mumba lead by five points 20-15 vs Haryana Steelers at half-time!

20.23 IST: Review unsuccessful, point for Haryana. Steelers trail by five points 15-20 vs U Mumba 

20.22 IST: Review taken by U Mumba!

20.21 IST: Vikas Kandola goes out for Haryana, Super Tackle by Mumba defence. U Mumba 20-14 vs Haryana Steelers

20.20 IST: Another tackle point for Haryana defenders, Steelers 14-18 vs U Mumba

20.19 IST: One more point for Steelers, Haryana 13-18 vs U Mumba 

20.17 IST: First tackle point of the night for Haryana, Steelers 12-18 vs Mumba

20.17 IST: Wazir Singh picks up a raid point for Steelers, Haryana 11-18 vs Mumba

20.16 IST: Shrikant Jadhav pulls off a Super Raid for U Mumba, U Mumba 18-10 vs Haryana Steelers

20.16 IST: Haryana Steelers All-out! U Mumba 15-10 vs Haryana Steelers

20.15 IST: Anup Kumar picks up a point for Mumba, U Mumba 12-9 vs Haryana Steelers

20.14 IST: Vikas once again picks up two points for Haryana, Steelers 9-11 vs Mumba

20.14 IST: Captain Anup once again picks up raid point for Mumbai, U Mumba 11-7 vs Haryana Steelers

20.13 IST: Vikas picks up a bonus and a raid point for Haryana, Steelers trail by three points against Mumbai 7-10

20.13 IST: Anup Kumar picks up a raid point for Mumbai, U Mumba 10-5 vs Haryana Steelers

20.12 IST: Vikas picks up a bonus for Steelers, Haryana 5-9 vs U Mumba

20.11 IST: Kashiling Adake once again shows his class, picks up two raid points for Mumba, U Mumba 9-4 vs Haryana Steelers

20.09 IST: Vikas Kandola picks up two raid points for Steelers, Haryana 4-7 vs U Mumba

20.08 IST: Anup Kumar shows his skill, he gets a point for Mumbai with a brilliant toe touch. U Mumba 7-2 vs Haryana Steelers

20.08 IST: Wazir Singh thrown off the mat by Mumbai defenders, U Mumba 6-2 vs Steelers

20.07 IST: Mumba raider picks up a point in the do-or-die raid, U Mumba 5-2 vs Haryana Steelers

20.06 IST: Strong tackle from U Mumba defenders this time give them one more point, Mumba lead by two points 4-2 vs Haryana Steelers

20.04 IST: Kashiling picks up a bonus for U Mumba, U Mumba 3-2 vs Steelers

20.04 IST: Kashiling Adake picks up a great raid point for Mumba, it's 2-2 

20.03 IST: Haryana raider Wazir Singh picks up two points for Steelers, Haryana 2-1 vs Mumbai

20.02 IST: First points on the board for U Mumba, brilliant work by the defenders. U Mumba 1-0 vs Haryana Steelers

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