Pro Kabaddi League 2017

Highlights, Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 48: Puneri Paltan beat U Mumba 26-24

Captain Deepak Hood led Puneri Paltan to a brilliant win over hosts U Mumba in Match No. 48 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at Dome@NSCI SVP Stadium, Mumbai.
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Reported by: Aditya Chauhan New Delhi August 26, 2017 22:31 IST

Puneri Paltan beat home side U Mumba in the match no. 48 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at Dome@NSCI SVP Stadium, Mumbai. Captain Deepak Hooda led the Paltan from the front and picked up eight raid points for his team. He bagged the 'Perfect Raider of the Match' award for his stellar performance. Whereas, Anup Kumar's men failed to close the match in their favour despite a good lead at the end of first half. 

This was Puneri Paltan's second win over the former champions U Mumba in the fifth edition of the Pro Kabaddi League. 


22.21 IST: Puneri Paltan beat U Mumba 26-24

22.20 IST: Strong tackle from Pune defenders, Anup Kumar goes out. Paltan 26-24 vs Mumba

22.19 IST: Nitin goes out for Mumba, a point for Paltan in defence. Puneri Paltan 25-24 vs U Mumba

22.19 IST: Good defence from U Mumba defence, it's 24-24 

22.16 IST: Kashiling Adake goes out for Mumba, Paltan get one more point in defence. Puneri 24-23 vs U Mumba

22.15 IST: Deepak Hooda picks up a bonus point for Puneri Paltan, it's 23-23

22.12 IST: Pune defender Monu shows great skill, Paltan get one more point. Puneri Paltan 22-23 vs U Mumba

22.11 IST: Rajesh Mondal tackled strongly by Mumba defence, U Mumba 23-21 vs Puneri Paltan

22.11 IST: Shrikant goes out for Mumba, point for Pune. Paltan 21-22 vs U Mumba

22.10 IST: Mumba defence sends Deepak Hooda out of the mat, U Mumba 22-20 vs Puneri Paltan

22.09 IST: Deepak Hooda picks up a raid point for Paltan, Puneri 20-21 vs U Mumba

22.08 IST: U Mumba All-out! Puneri Paltan 19-20 vs U Mumba

22.08 IST: Anup Kumar goes out for Mumbai, Puneri Paltan 16-20 vs U Mumba

22.06 IST: Timeout taken by U Mumba!

22.04 IST: Puneri Paltan gets one more point as Kashiling goes out for Mumba, 15-19 vs U Mumba

22.02 IST: Rajesh picks up a raid point the do-or-die raid, Puneri 14-19 vs U Mumba 

21.59 IST: Kashiling picks up two raid points for Mumbai, U Mumba 19-13 vs Puneri Paltan

21.57 IST: Rajesh Mondal picks up a raid point for Paltan, Puneri 13-17 vs U Mumba

21.56 IST: Shrikanth goes out for Mumba, Paltan 12-17 vs U Mumba

21.55 IST: Sandeep Narwal picks up two raid points, Puneri Paltan 11-17 vs U Mumba

21.53 IST: Kashiling Adake gets another raid point, U Mumba 17-9 vs Puneri Paltan

21.52 IST: Deepak Hooda goes out for Paltan, U Mumba 16-9 vs Puneri Paltan

21.44 IST: U Mumba lead by six points 15-9 vs Puneri Paltan at half-time!

21.42 IST: Rajesh Mondal picks up a raid point for Paltan, Puneri 9-15 vs U Mumba

21.41 IST: Deepak picks up a raid point for Paltan, Puneri 7-15 vs U Mumba

21.40 IST: Kashiling picks up two raid points for Mumbai, U Mumba 15-6 vs Puneri Paltan

21.39 IST: Puneri raider goes out, strong defending from Mumba. U Mumba 13-6 vs Puneri Paltan

21.37 IST: Bonus point for Mumba this time, U Mumba 12-6 vs Puneri Paltan

21.36 IST: Rajesh Mondal raids successfully for Puneri Paltan, Paltan 6-11 vs U Mumba

21.35 IST: Deepak Hooda picks up a raid point for Paltan, Puneri 5-11 vs U Mumba

21.35 IST: Puneri Paltan All-out! U Mumba 11-4 vs Puneri Paltan

21.33 IST: Kashiling Adake picks up one more point in the do-or-die raid, U Mumba 7-4 vs Puneri Paltan

21.30 IST: Deepak Hooda goes out for Paltan, U Mumba 6-4 vs Puneri Paltan

21.29 IST: Kashiling gets the first raid point of the night, U Mumba 5-4 vs Puneri Paltan

21.27 IST: Mumbai raider out in the do-or-die raid, Paltan gets31  one point. It's 4-4

21.26 IST: Mumba defenders pick up one more tackle point, U Mumba 4-3 vs Puneri Paltan

21.25 IST: Shrikant picks up one more raid point for Mumba, it's 3-3

21.24 IST: Mumba defenders show their strength this time, it's 2-2

21.23 IST: Deepak Hooda once again picks up a raid point, Paltan 2-1 vs U Mumba

21.22 IST: Shrikant Jadhav picks up a raid point for the Mumba, it's 1-1

21.20 IST: Deepak Hooda picks up the first point of the match, Puneri 1-0 vs Mumba 

21.15 IST: 

21.10 IST: 

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